Rock With You

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"You gotta feel that heat
And we can ride the boogie
Share that beat of love
I wanna rock with you (all night)
Dance you into day (sunlight)
I wanna rock with you (all night)
Rock the night away"

"You gotta feel that heatAnd we can ride the boogieShare that beat of loveI wanna rock with you (all night)Dance you into day (sunlight)I wanna rock with you (all night)Rock the night away"

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"You better have a damn good reason why you decided to drag me out this late Michael." Nia said as she crossed her arms. She was riding in the passenger seat as her boyfriend was driving to this club.

Michael turned to her as he laughed at her attitude. "Oh come on Nia, it's only midnight! The night is still young, darlin."

Nia looked at him in disbelief, "Only midnight? Do you know what people do at this time? Sleep, which was what I was peacefully doing until your fine ass decided to pop over at my apartment unexpectedly. Talking bout some "get ready, we goin out". Like the fuck?"

Michael shook his head, finding Nia's ranting adorable. "Is it a crime that I wanted to see my beautiful lady? I thought you wanted to see me too, considering that's what you've been telling me over the phone."

"I did and I'm happy to see you, but I at least thought you were just going to come in, we get nasty then fall asleep naked in each other's arms. Not try and drag me out at this God forsaken hour!" she said dramatically.

"So that's why you're all grumpy," he smirked, "We can always pull over sweetheart."

She just raised her eyebrow. "Nah, you missed your chance now buddy."

"Girl, you know you missed me and my lovin." Michael replied.

"Ain't nobody missed nothin, boy." Nia rolled her eyes playfully.

Michael just laughed again as he focuses back on the road. He's so grateful that he has Nia in his life. Ever since they started dating a year ago, he has been so happy. She's not only his lover, but also his best friend and confidant. She is someone that he can absolutely trust, which is hard for him to come around. He knows that she'll always be there for him, just like he always will for her.

These past couple of months have been so hectic with him and his brothers kicking off the final leg of their Destiny tour, so they haven't been able to spend a lot of time together lately. He figured that he'd take Nia out, since it's been a while that they been out by themselves.

"So how long it'll be until we get there, babe?" she asked. Nia honestly didn't feel like going out tonight, especially to a club. Clubbing was never her thing; she never got the appeal of sweaty and drunk bodies packed together in a small space. However, she doesn't care where Michael takes her as long as she's with him. She really missed spending quality time with him.

"Actually, we're pulling up right now." Michael says as he drove in the parking lot. Once he parked, they both got out and walked hand-in-hand into the club. When they got in, Nia was happy to see that this club was smaller and more intimate. There weren't too many people there, and it was such a nice atmosphere. The music was groovy and the people were having a good time. "This is nice, Mike." she said  while nodding her head to the music.

Feeling proud of himself, Michael smiled and brushed his shoulders. "I knew you'd like it, love. Now let's get some food because I know you're hungry." As if on cue, Nia's stomach started to growl. "Now that you mentioned it..." she laughed.

They both walked to the back where the food was served. After waiting for little while and getting their food, they sat in the booth to eat. As they ate, they talked and laughed with each other. Once they finished eating, Michael immediately wanted to go dance.

"Let's go dance!" he said while trying to get Nia out onto the dance floor. She shook her head and crossed her arms. "Uh-uh, Mike. I'm tired as hell. Why can't we just sit here listen to the music?"

Michael, however, wouldn't take no for an answer. "You think we just came here to sit? No! Now get up off of that thang, girl!" Nia laughed as he grabbed her and ran toward the floor.

He wrapped her in his arms and they started to rock to the beat of the song. "Close your eyes and let the rhythm get to you. Don't try to fight it." he whispered in her ear. It sent shivers all through Nia's body.

The tiredness seemed to leave her body as the music picked up speed. Nia laughed as Michael picked her up and spun her around. It seemed like all her troubles disappear when she's with him. It's like a form of escapism for her.

"Oh, I thought you were tired ma'am." he said cheekily.

"Well I'm not tired anymore," she smirked, "so watch me out dance your ass."

Michael laughed. "Challenge accepted, hun." People crowded around as they began a mini dance battle. The crowd cheered as he started hitting his signature moves. Nia tried her hardest to keep up, but she was no match for him. It was obvious when the crowd declared Michael the winner.

"You cheated," Nia rolled her eyes, "you know I can't hit them fucking spins." Michael just laughed and took her in his arms again. "Don't be a sore loser, now." he said and gave her a kiss.

Another slow song started to play. While swaying to the beat, Nia closed her eyes and rested her head against Michael's chest. It felt like they were the only two people out on the floor. No one else existed. They were in their own little world.

Michael and Nia slightly pulled away from their hold with their arms still wrapped around each other. They both stared at each other lovingly. This feeling was so magical. Their souls are literally connected.

"I love you so much, Michael." she smiled as she looked at him. "I love you more, Nia." he replied with his bright smile. They kissed each other deeply.

After a few hours and more dancing, people started to gradually leave. It looks like the club was starting to close. "Damn, what time is it?" Nia asked. Michael looked at his watch. "It's four now. We should head on out."

They both walked out holding hands. "I'm not ready to go home yet." Nia says.

Michael couldn't help but laugh. "Yet, you were just complaining about how tired you were. I don't see how I deal with you sometimes, woman. You're something else!"

She stuck her tongue out at him. "You love dealing with my crazy ass when I'm giving you some pussy don't you? You take the good with the bad baby boy."

They both laughed as they got in the car. "Let me drive this time, Michael." she said. He handed her the keys and got in the passenger side. He wondered where she planned on going. Nia crunk up the car and drove off.

"Where are you planning on going?" Michael asked.

"You'll see in a bit." she smiled slyly. After driving for about twenty minutes, she pulled up to this cliff that overlooked the city. It was a beautiful sight with all of the stars out. "This is amazing Nia". Michael said. She scooted over to his lap and snuggled with him. He wrapped his arms her and kissed her forehead, causing her to smile.

Nia got up slightly and straddled Michael. They started kissing deeply and his hands roamed down her back. She then started kissing his neck, causing him to moan slightly. Her hands started fiddling with the buttons of Michael's shirt.

"O-o-out here, Nia?" he whimpered as she ran her fingertips down his chest.

"Of course," she said looking up at him with her eyes full of lust, "Rock with me until the morning, baby."

~The End~

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