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A U T H O R ' S N O T E

Hi guys!!

WELCOME to another book of mine! and trust me, this book is gonna be another amazing one!!

BUT before we continue, I need to say a few things that you guys need to know.


No plagiarism. I've once again written another book (this book) using my own ideas and would appreciate if you don't copy any of my ideas.


NO HATE comments. I've been allowing people to comment whatever you've wanted on my stories for as long as I could remember but now I'm starting to get tired of it. So, if you have anything, that is not positive to say about this book,  just keep it to yourself.  AND just so you know, all hate Comments WILL be DELETED.


This book is UNEDITED so if there are any grammatical errors Please ignore it and I'll probably correct it later ALSO English isn't my first language so I might write some sentences wrongly...


I'll be using an app called Grammerly to help me edit this book so it will be better BUT REMEMBER! This doesn't mean it will be a perfect book without any errors.


And lastly,...THIS IS WATTPAD!! Remember, anything is possible in Wattpad. So in this book, you might encounter some stuff that seems unreal/unrealistic but hey! It's Wattpad.

Some stuff MIGHT also be cliché. So you HAVE been WARNED.

Anywho, I guess this is all I have to say for now. I might add some more important stuff when I remember so...yeah.

Hope you enjoy this book!🙂

See you in the first chapter!👋

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See you in the first chapter!👋

[Chapters coming soon]

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