Chapter 1

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Chapter One

"You've got to be kidding."

"Does it look like I'm kidding?" I question, beaming at the Dalmatian running around in circles excitedly in front of us. She is bigger than I remember her, which is understandable, considering I had first seen her when she was only a week old. Now, fourteen months old, she is practically fully grown, yet still has those big brown eyes that sucked me in from the moment I saw her and she even has an adorable small dot on the tip of her right ear.

"Kylie, you're being a bit irrational right now. I mean, she is gorgeous and you know I love dogs, but... I mean, why now?" Naomi asks from beside me, staring down at the dog, even putting her perfectly manicured fingers through the cage to pet her.

"What do you mean?"

"Well, you fly out for the rehearsal dinner tomorrow. I just find it a bit odd that you suddenly have this notion in your head that you want to get a dog, a dog no less, that you picked out with Miles over a year ago." She says, smiling at the dog. Smiling at her smile for a moment, I find myself distracted by just how beautiful she is. Tanned skin, delicate yet distinctive features, big brown eyes and long shiny brown hair. Plus, the Spanish heritage is very distinctive, giver her an exotic look. Her looks first made her kind of intimidating at the start, especially since she was pissed off with one of the stagehands on the set we met on, but once you get to know the real her, you realise she has a heart of gold.

Her words sink in a moment later, making me frown.

"I didn't pick her out with him. It was the weekend we all came up to New York and Dani and Mike had made up. We were just walking around talking. I was saying how I wanted a puppy and he brought me here the next day. I picked her out."

"Why though?"

"Why what?"

"Why now? She is going to remind you of him."

"I fell in love with her. It was love at first sight. After the mess of our breakup, I never got a chance to actually come and pick her up. She wasn't old enough to leave her mother, needed to get shots and stuff so we had to wait. We had a trip planned for the week after he broke it off to drive up here and get her. With everything, I forgot. By the time I remembered, another family were going to take her. So, I phoned yesterday and lone behold, she's still here." I insist, unlocking the cage and letting the dog out, smiling as she runs around our feet.

"You sure?"

"I'm sure. You mentioned getting a dog. Why not have a look around?" I offer, knowing she had been thinking about it. Glancing around, Naomi doesn't need any further encouragement before she is walking up and down the cages. I'm surprised to see she is frowning as she reads the charts beside each dog before moving on, not even seeming to be looking at the dogs.

Turning my attention back to Molly, the Dalmatian, I sit on the floor and play with her, knowing, despite Naomi's reservations, that this was perfect.

Five minutes later, the assistant at the pound is back with paperwork for me at the same time Naomi demands paperwork for a dog four cages down. The man sighs, looking sceptically at her, yet nods and walks off again.

"Who'd you pick?" I ask, standing and making my way over, frowning instantly. The dog looks old and tired, barely glancing up at us standing in front of the cage. Reading the chart, I see he's an Australian Shepard and is actually only five years old.

Glancing at the fluffy grey, white and brown dog, I raise a sceptical eyebrow.

"And why him?" I question slowly.

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