11. All Night Long

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   They let me go. They fucking let me go. They even gave me money to take an Uber back to Campus, mumbling something about them overreacting. They even fucking apologized.

   Either, something hit them hard in the head causing a serious cerebral hemorrhage, or they are up to something. I'm guessing for the latter.

   Judging from their reaction, I would guess they were hiding something major. The rest of the night I was continuously looking over my shoulder, expecting one of them to attack me, lock me in a room and never let me out.

   Now, I'm lying in bed, staring up in the ceiling. Last time I checked the time it was midnight. I've been twisting and turning for hours on end, all the while, there's one thought on my mind.

   These guys are not normal college bad boys. There's something more to them. They're hiding something, and I'm going to find out what it is because what I said was a lie.

   I did see something. Something that they didn't even see. But when Darius was holding me secure, I got stubborn and decided not to tell him anything, just for the sake of not telling him.

   But yes, I did see something. Or rather, someone.

   I wasn't the only one following Grae.

   The next morning, the scrawny, nasal sound of my alarm forces my eyes open. Still groggy from the bad night's sleep, I sit up and turn it off. Slits of sunlight peeking through the gap of my curtains, making me squint my eyes to shield them from the bright light. I feel like a gremlin.

   I rub my eyes and yawn, looking down at my phone, forcing my eyes up. There are no texts, unsurprisingly.

   Through fogged eyes, I glance across the room, and then I see him. And I scream. Loud.

   "AAA-" My scream is cut short when a warm hand smacks across my mouth. I bite it, hard. It tastes salty.

   "OWW-" Collins winces, retracting his hand. "Never took you for a biter," he chuckles humorlessly.

   "WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING IN MY ROOM?" I glare at him with wide eyes, suddenly feeling very awake.

   We're interrupted by a loud hammering on the door leading to the hallway. Before I can react, Collins rushes over, opening the door slightly so I can't see who it is. I soon recognize the voice as the girls from the dorm down the hall.

   "Is everything okay?"

   "Yeah, we heard screaming, and-" She cuts herself off, probably realizing who opened the door.

   "We're fine, leave." Collins orders. They stand in the door opening for a few seconds, probably not knowing where to go, making Collins add. "She just screamed when she saw how huge my dick was."

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