Rakugaki no Kokoro V. A road painted red

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Rakugaki no Kokoro V. A road painted red

 You jolted from your restless sleep by your phone ringing in your ear. That reminded you to put it on vibrate when you slept for next time. You groggily sat up and snatched the phone in frustration from your bedside table.


"Ahh finally up huh? Listen Vanille and I have found a great new place to paint, come and see would you?"

Fang had woken you up for this?! 10:30 in the morning was early for you! Yes, Zack and Roxas would already be at school by now, but that didn't matter to you anymore.

"URgh! Do I have to? I didn't get any sleep last night." You groaned into your phone.

"Yes you have to! Vanille and I found a great new place to paint on and I think you should check it out with us. But first we'll go to Seventh Heaven and get you some coffee, because by the sounds of it you sound like you're going to collapse any second." And with that she hung up. You groaned and hid deeper within your covers.

Just as you stood to get ready Sally popped her head around the door with a grin.

    "I see someone has taken their sweet time to get up. She was very late to bed last night too." An accusing voice commented. A head with brilliant red hair poked around your bedroom door with a knowing grin.

"Sorry?" You offered Sally not quite sure if she wanted an apology. She shook her head making her red hair swing out around her shoulders.

"Don't worry about it, I just worry about ya is all," The one thing about Sally that was so distinctive was her vibrant red hair. Everyone loved her for it.

"Anyway I'm off so I'll see you later, and by the way that cute blonde Roxas came by asking for you. Wanted to know where you have been, so I told him you were just visiting a relatives." She said with a wink. Heat crawled up your neck but fortunately you managed to push it back down and scowl at the floor. 

"He's not like that Sal, he's just a friend!" You whined as she grinned widely.

"Keep telling yourself that hun, see ya later!" She sang shutting your door before you could protest further. As much as you denied it you couldn't help but feel that Roxas did actually hold a hint of attraction towards you because when you were dating Zack you could've sworn that you noticed a little jealousy flash in Roxas' eyes, however he was talented at hiding it that was for sure. You froze and bit your lip. Was Roxas aware that you didn't have any relatives? Shaking your head of the thoughts you stripped and jumped into the shower getting rid of negative thoughts with the heavenly warm water.

Once ready you skipped breakfast and grabbed your bag of paints, brushes and sketch pads but paused at the front door. You looked up at the staircase wondering whether to take your new illegal paints with you and show Fang and Vanille. However you decided not just yet so shut the door and locked it before making your way to 7th Heaven.

The bar was not far from Sally's house; only a few minutes' walk.

 Fang and Vanille sat at the far end of 7th Heaven next to the window. A with others also sat in the bar. People you had never seen before, and honestly, there was something unnerving about them.

As you took each one of them in, your eyes accidentally met those belonging to the spikey blonde. Although he held a strange airy sense about him and held many secrets in his eyes, you couldn't help but think that he was very good looking. You almost blushed at the thought. You quickly glanced away as you felt the sense that he was studying you very closely. You kept your gaze down at the polished wooden floor and hurridly made your way to Fang and Vanille.

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