Chapter 25 - "Everything is okay."

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Maira's POV

I looked over at Lisa and then at Alberto who's eyes were too red. Lisa really didn't make it easy on him...  I held onto Alberto's hand and smiled. I heard him inhale sharply and then saw the tears stream down his face again. He hugged me immediately and held onto me tightly.

"Everything is okay." I said and I was looking at Lisa who was absolutely annoyed by Alberto's presence. Alberto's tight grip was aching my whole body but I guess he needed this...

"Why are you guys fighting?" I asked confused when Alberto finally let go off me. He wasn't looking at me nor Lisa. His head was facing down on the floor and his eyes were focused on his shoes.

"You are in here because of him." Lisa said angrily and looked at me. I knew that Lisa's temper could get to her but I also knew when it came to me she could go to any extent, including going against Alberto.

I quickly shook my head and held now onto Lisa's hand. I saw Lisa confused looking at me and her anger was far from gone. I gave her a warm smile before I started to speak.

"Lisa, Alberto is not to blame for this... The people who have physically hurt me are to blame for this." I said and I saw Lisa rolling her eyes.

Convincing Lisa was always the hardest part.

"Because of him you went outside." Lisa said and I looked over at Alberto who was quietly standing.

"Lisa stop." I said and looked at her.

"It could have been anyone who would tell me to go outside. This is not on Alberto." I said and Lisa sighed. I heard Dominic laugh and I looked towards his direction.

"What don't pay attention to me. I am enjoying this drama." Dominic said with a evil smirk around his lips. I sighed out of frustration and I could see that Lisa was annoyed by him too.

"He should have been more careful." Lisa said softly, now looking down just like Alberto.

"I should have been more careful." I said to blame myself and it was true. I should have been more careful...

"Lisa... I love you and you know that but Alberto is not to blame for this... I know you are overprotective over me and god knows what you would do but this is not his fault." I said and Lisa looked at me.

Her blue eyes were watery and my heart pained seeing her upset. She bit her underlip and shrugged her shoulders.

"I-I was scared and angry." She stuttered softly and some tears slowly streamed down her cheeks. She sniffed and held her hands tightly.

"I know." Alberto said softly and now looked at Lisa. I saw Lisa looking at Alberto and both started to smile at each other. Over the bed, they gave each other a hug and I squealed.

"Sorry." They said both in core and I laughed softly. My legs, arms and chest were in a unbearable pain. I damned whoever had done this to me.

Could this be someone who was after my parents? Immediate shock hit me and it felt like I couldn't breathe anymore. What if this was indeed someone who had done something to my parents?

I saw the door open again. I again thought that it was the doctor together with Dylan but instead of them, I met the hazel green eyes of Matthew. He looked at me and then his eyes travelled to Dominic.

He sighed which I thought was out of relief. He walked over to his friend and patted him on his shoulder.

"Really trying to be the hero today?" Matthew joked and Dominic chuckled.

"Someone got to do it." Dominic said and I saw Lisa rolling her eyes. It was funny how it affected her and I could tell that she literally couldn't stand him but somehow deep inside Lisa probably was just pushing him away. Like she always does.

She is never too easy on people who are not close to her. She is afraid to let people in and that's just because she thinks that everyone she lets in her life will somehow hurt her. I don't blame her for feeling this way. She hadn't had the best childhood.

Somehow, Lisa and I were alike. I don't let people in too easily and that's because I am afraid that I will get hurt. I know that I am missing out on so much because believe it or not, not everyone is out there to hurt me or Lisa.

We could let people in and live our life. I think that's what America was all about for us. It was a change. We let people in like Harry, Isaiah, Matthew, Dominic, Emeraude, Alberto and Katherine. They may have not been our best friends but they were a part of our life now and it somehow felt healthier.

"I am doctor Young and I hope you are feeling a lot better Maira." I heard a male voice. It was hard and heavy. Just like a voice of a grown man. I looked up from Matthew and Dominic - and looked at the male that was standing next to my bed.

Dylan was standing next to him, impatient softly kicking his feet against my bed to calm himself down. The doctor was mostly bald but there were some grey hair pointing out of his skull. He had wrinkles on his face and especially underneath is his blue sparkling eyes.

"I euhm am good." I said.

"She is lying. She is in pain." Dylan quickly said and doctor Young looked at him.

"Can everyone please wait outside so I can attend Mrs. Sherwood effectively?" Doctor Young asked and I already saw Lisa and Dylan protesting against it by shaking their heads.

"I am her brother. I have to be here." Dylan said and I could see that he was determined to stay here.

"And I am her best friend. You can't tell me to go away. It's not possible." Lisa said and doctor Young sighed.

"And I am her doctor and I am the only one who can really help her but if you are all here, that will be rather impossible." Doctor Young said annoyed.

"So everyone out or I will ask the security to escort you outside." Doctor Young said. From seeing what kind of words he was using while talking, I knew that he must have been from an old age.

Everyone mumbled something and left the room until Dominic, the doctor and I were the only one left in the hospital room. I was anxious to be alone with someone I didn't knew but having Dominic, it kind of made me feel saver...

I don't even know why? Just maybe of the thought that he could possibly be my brother? God knows... all I know is that his presence has made me feel safe because I know no matter how much he hated me, he would always look out for me...

Maybe that was our tragic story...

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