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I had been in the hospital for three days at this point. Dad wanted me to stay until I was diagnosed with whatever was going on in my head. He brought me some clean PJ's so I could at least have some comfort with being here. I hadn't seen Jordan since she came. Maybe I shouldn't have been so hard on her. She did give birth to me, but she did runaway from the responsibility that is my life. I don't know how to feel towards her anymore. Jordan Baker is simply careless.

The door opened as I heard my father walking in. "Hey, Rox, JLo sends her-Hey-woah-woah-hey! Put a shirt on!" He exclaimed with my bare back presented to him. "Sorry, Dad." I chuckled slightly. "Wait, what happened to your back?" I felt his fingers move over the area of skin right below my left shoulder blade. I shuddered at his cold touch. "You have," Pause. "Eleven scars on your back, Roxie Mae." He counted what was before him. The memory of Jake pushing me up against the tree flooded my mind. "I must've fallen onto my back or something, broke the skin a little." I tried to play it cool, but I know I was failing. "Roxie." Yep, I failed. I slipped on a sports bra and t-shirt before turning to face him. "Daddy," I choked up. This part wasn't an act, I swear. "You can't get mad at me when I tell you what happened." I shook my head lightly. "Don't worry about me, just say it." Dad sat on the bed. I inhaled sharply and exhaled loosely before explaining everything that happened out in the woods with Jake. Tears fell to my cheeks while my father pulled me into a hug and kissed my temple. "I can fix this, I promise." He whispered when I finished. "That Jake guy is gonna pay for what he put you through." Dad cupped my jaw. "You sound like a Mob boss." I wiped my face. "I am one, Rox. Didn't you know that?" He joked and shot me a wink while helping remove the tears from my cheeks. I cracked a smile and breathed heavily. "Shut up, Dad." I chuckled weakly.

A series of three knocks appeared on the door. Dad stood up and answered the visitor. "Jordan," His voice shook. "Can I apologize for the other day?" She gently bit her lip. "Roxie doesn't want to see you." He spoke certainly. "Let her in." I replied. I knew I wanted to show a bit of mercy to the woman who bore me. I wanted to forgive her. "Roxie, I'm so sorry for assuming my role. I was wrong." She stepped inside. "I had no idea on how much I missed in your life and I know that there's nothing I can do to make up all of the missed time." Jordan explained. "Can you forgive me?" She stood at the foot of the bed. "I forgive you." I nodded slowly. My intuition felt a bit shaken at the idea of her having an ultirior motive. A smile cracked onto her lips as she held back tears. "Jordan, can I talk to you, privately?" My famous father caught her attention. Jordan wiped her face and nodded. "Sure." She sighed and followed him out. The door closed behind them and then I remembered that I didn't have my phone or laptop with me. I noticed the television on a cart sitting over in the corner of my room. I pushed it over to the bed and turned it on. Nothing interesting was airing as I surfed the channels. E! News was on and I decided that would have to do. Fuck E! News. Nice people, bad TV.

Giuliana Rancic was on the screen reporting about me in the hospital. A photo of my father and I faded onto the screen as she spoke.

"Nick Jonas's daughter, Roxie Jonas, is currently in the hospital and there are no leads on why or how she landed there, but sources close to the musician say that she's doing fine and having a speedy recovery."

I rolled my eyes at her report. It wasn't a lie, but it wasn't the truth either. I'm just surprised that she didn't say anything about Jordan appearing out of nowhere. And what source? The only other person that's been in here besides Dad is Selena and she's too nice to say anything.

"I hope her recovery stays speedy, Giuliana." Terrence, Giuliana's co-anchor, smiled. "And after the break, we'll take a look at Hollywood's weirdest weight loss tricks." He signed off for the commercial break.

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