Better Luck Next Time

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21st March 2019

"This isn't going to work," Milos gasped, clinging to the headrest with one arm. "And—nnn—your fingers are cold!"

With his free hand Alex pushed Milos's right thigh up nearer his chest. "If your legs weren't so damn long it wouldn't be a problem." He withdrew his fingers up to the first knuckle joints then twisted and pressed them back into him, smirking as the alfa let out a soft grunt. "Looks like it's working from what I can see."

"You can't see anything," Milos retorted. "You turned the lights off—ah!" His breath caught in his throat as Alex applied firm strokes of his thumb to his perineum.

"It sounds like it's working too," Alex murmured, gesturing upwards with his fingers and grinning as Milos squirmed on the towel spread across the car seats. "Or are you going to disagree?"

Milos sunk his fingers into the soft leather of the seat and shook his head, biting his lip to silence himself as Alex did it again. At least in the dim ambient light he probably couldn't see the gesture.

The low chuckle told him that actually, he probably had seen. He withdrew both fingers slowly and dragged the tips down over Milos's taut belly, leaving a glossy trail on his skin, then dropped his hand to the tube laying on the towel beside him. "Ready?"

Milos gave what he hoped was a nonchalant shrug. His left leg, slung over Alex's shoulder, dipped and rose again as the human undid his pants one-handed, the other flipping open the cap of the lube with an ease that told him just how much practice he'd had. Milos reached forward to tug the fabric of his underwear down, freeing up both of Alex's hands to deal with his now equally free erection; if any of the gel stained the leather he'd get the blame for it. It absolutely, positively, had nothing to do with the heat spreading across his chest and down through his stomach as Alex slicked up his cock.

Kneeling forward and pulling Milos's hips up along with his leg, one hand on his erection and the other raising Milos's free leg higher, he nudged the head against the alfa's well-prepared hole then, bit by bit, pushed himself in.

Milos let out the shuddering breath he didn't know he'd been holding. No, nothing at all to do with that. Staring at the human above him, feeling his hands sink into the seats either side of his chest, he wondered just when the temperature in the car had risen... then ceased thinking about anything except the way Alex pulled back, then thrust into him again with just enough force to jolt a gasp from him.

The bang on the rear passenger window made him jump so violently he cracked the back of his head on the door behind him. Even Alex froze momentarily, his usual unflappability temporarily suspended while he tried to calculate a response. "What?"

Milos slapped his hand over his face and tried not to groan. As hasty responses went, it could've been better. Even louder would have done as the banging came again, and not the kind Alex had been so interested in a minute before. From outside, a man's voice called out, "police, please wind down your window."

This time it was Milos who froze as Alex swore and pulled out, ducking from under the alfa's leg and tucking himself back in with a face like thunder. His jeans were out of reach in the footwell beside Alex's feet; getting them off had been hard enough, getting them back on in time was a near-impossibility. He settled for yanking his T-shirt back down to preserve what modesty he had left and watched as Alex stabbed irritably at the window button. "The engine's off, remember?"

Alex rolled his eyes and muttered another curse that brought a small smile to Milos's lips, then flung the door open instead. "What do you want?"

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