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Chapter 3

"Where the hell is the royal blue duchess silk?!" I yelled in Italian across the class full of loud students.

I have been at uni all morning preparing my final garment for the end of year fashion show. Which me and my other class mates will be assessed on. Right now I cant seem to find the bloody material I need for my final piece, which is an evening gown, and slowly my temper and patience were wearing thin.

"It's right here in the store room where you bloody well left it" Cartia yelled back at me from the doorway to the store room.

5 hours later....

I was seriously exhausted and I was now walking back to my car. I had hardly finished the dress after I did the wrong stitching about three times in the wrong section, which left me sitting there for a hour un-stitching it all. I just wanted to get home and sleep forever. Well, until 8 am the next morning, where I would be continuing what I had hardly done today. I had just pressed the unlock button to my car when someone grabbed my wrist, but before the could do anything, I twisted slightly and brought my left knee up and made impact with the persons groin. The man let out a grunt of pain and let go of my wrist while he writhered in pain on the ground. I looked down at the perve to find Julian laying on the ground in pain. Really I should have throught about it, who the hell would try to kidnap in broad daylight?

"What are you doing here? Are you stalking me now?" I demanded towards the figure still crumpled on the ground. He let out a few coughs and grunts as he began to rise off the ground.

"No, Im not stalking you, I merely wanted to see you. Thats kind of why I left the U.S" He said his last remark in a pretty sarcastic manner.

"Well if you speek to me like that you can forget seeing me at all" I said folding my arm across my chest trying to seem intimidating. It wasnt working I could see the corner of his mouth twitching, trying to fight it from turning into a smile and pissing me off more.

"Im sorry, can I make it up to you over...coffee perhaps?" He said while he guesgtured for me to walk with him.

"Perhaps" I said and I got into my car. When he remained standing there watching me I rolled down my window and turned slightly to face him. "Are you planning on walking to the coffee shop or would you like a ride?"

He quickly recovered himself and walked around the front of my car and climbed into the passenger seat. I shoved the key into the ignition and turned the car on, felishing the awsome sound of the engine. Then I kicked it into gear and revered out of the parking lot and gunned the engine. We shot forward out of the the universities parking lot. Julian gave a small yelp of surprise at the way I was driving and I laughed in response.

Ten minutes later I Parallel parked infront of my favorite cafe, Robertino's. I cut the engine and grabbed my bag, I was just about to get out of the car, when I noticed Julian was still sitting there his hands clutching at his seat belt as if it were the only thing keeping him alive. I let out a soft laugh and turned my full body towards him.

"Dont look so surprised, everyone drives like that here. Now you better get out of this car and follow me into the cafe before I change my mind and decide to go home where I should be" And with that I slid out of the car and once I heard the passenger side door slam shut I clicked the lock button on my keys.

I made my way into the cafe and I was immediatly hit with the smell of strong Italian coffee and sweet biscuits. The place was packed with many Italians, as it usually was. I made my way to the front counter where my uncle Robertino had just finished serving a customer.

"Ciao, zio!" I said to him and he looked up from the till to meet my eyes with his always happy and jolly ones.

"Ciao bella! I thought I could hear you roaring up through the other side of town, you know I dont like you driving that too fast car like- whos this?" My uncle stopped his usual ranting about my car being to fast for someone as small and reckless as me, and placed his attention on Julian who was standing there awkwardly in a place where he stood out like a sore thumb.

"This is my friend Julien, I went to high school with him in California, he's here visiting. Julien this is my uncle Robertino" My uncle walked around the counter and came to stand infront of Julien, towering over him and looking very intimidating and very much like his brother, my dad...

"Nice to meet you, what would you like to drink?" Oh no, I knew this game he did the exact same thing when I brought Jake in, my uncle would ask what they would like to drink and if he chose short black he would pass as 'italian enough to date my niece'. If he chose anything weaker he wouldnt be good enough for me, in my uncles eyes. Unfortunately Jake had ordered a flat white.

"I think I will have a...short black" Julian said with a beaming smile and I could feel my mouth slightly hanging open. My uncle patted Julian on the back and as he made his way to make the coffee he yelled over his shoulder,

"I like this boy!"

"I'm sure you do" I mumbled under my breath.

Julian and I made our way over to table and sat down. We sat in silence for a while, he looking around and me still shocked that he would choose a flat black. I mean come on I cant even drink that shit, especially the way my uncle makes it, it would kill Julian.

"Here you are, one flat black" my uncle placed the small espresso cup infront of Julian. "And your iced coffee with an extra shot" he placed my usual drink infront of me and he stood back obviously waiting for julian to drink it.

I watched as well, waiting to see whether he would swollow it or have it come back up. Julian picked up the dainty coffee cup and he sniffed at the solid black liquid sloshing inside, and I saw him slightly cringe at the impossibly stong scent of the coffee. Then he shrugged and threw the entire contents into his mouth and my eyes widned in surprise and dread. He turned his head to the left and the drink came spraying out of his mouth.

"That was wayyy too strong, how can anyone drink that and live to tell the story?" Julian said in an incredulous voice.

"Ahh cazzo, well I did have high hopes for him" my uncle threw his hands up in the air in dismay and turned towards the kitchen probably to grab the mop bucket and clean up Julians...little mess.

I tossed Julian a napkin for him to clean his mouth with. As I watched him wiping at his face with his eyebrows slightly furrowed in frustration, I couldnt help but be reminded of funny times we had spent together two years earlier. And without even my consent, I began laughing! Not at anything particular but at everything, Julian, my uncle and how I just know my life is about to begin spiralling out of control.

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