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"Are you excited?" Justin chuckled and squeezed my hand in his as he was driving us to the hospital.

"Yes" I bounced up and down in my seat but then Justin placed his hand on my thigh to stop me from bouncing from all the excitement. Justin was surprisingly being so happy and as excited as I am about the baby.

"Stop before you hurt yourself and our baby" Justin said sternly. I just grinned and giggled from excitement. We're going to our first appointment to check how's our baby doing.
Well my parents flew back to town and my dad was so mad at Justin but fortunately he didn't scream or hurt Justin. He just told Justin how disappointed he was but they worked things out with Justin. Except for my brother, he didn't talk to me.

*Justin POV*

Ella was surprisingly in a really baby and clingy mode. She basically following me everywhere and that was adorable. Her baby bump wasn't that noticeable but I could feel it against my hand.

I parked my car in an empty spot then we walked out. Ella was walking really fast that she almost tripped and fall.

"Damn it Ella! Can't you just slow down and listen to me just once?!" I snapped at her as I gripped on her forearm. She looked down and her bottom lip trembled. See? The pregnancy made her being so clingy and emotional. "No no no, shh don't cry. I didn't mean to snap at you. But you should be more careful next time. Okay baby girl?" I asked her as I lifted her chin using my pointer finger. I wiped her tears and pressed my lips against her forehead. "I don't want to see you get hurt"

"I won't get hurt"

"You will if I wasn't there to catch you babe"

"Okay. I love you" she smiled then tip toed to peck my lips. She giggled then dragged me in to the hospital. "Hurry up oldie" She giggled as she dragged me

"Whoa slow down" I chuckled as I stopped her from walking too fast. She giggle uncontrollably and slowed down. She's just adorable. We stood in front of the receptionist desk

"Good afternoon. How can I help you?"
"I'm here for my wife's appointment with Dr. Samuels."


"Stella Bieber"

"Ah, room 205 in the second floor." she smiled. I thanked her then we walked to the elevator. I stood right behind her with my arms wrapped safely around her tiny figure and my arms placed on her baby bump.

"How are you feeling babe?" I asked as I placed my chin on top of her head.

"Good, I can feel it growing" she giggles.

"You've been such a baby lately. My baby" I said to her ear. She playfully gasped and pushed me away.

"Am not!" she argued
"You are" I smirked. Then the elevator door opened. She stuck her tongue out at me and walked towards the door leaving me behind. I chuckled at her behavior then walked to the room to see Ella already sat in front of a middle aged woman.

"Here comes the old guy" Ella rolled her eyes. I sat down next to her and took her hand only to have her to yank it away. She was mad.

"So, you guys are here for your first appointment, am I right?" she asked

"Yes" I answered

"Okay, I'll set everything up and I'll call you guys when everything's ready." she smiled then exited the room.

"Are you going to talk to me?" I asked Ella

"No shut up."

"What did I do?"

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