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"With a light grey background, why am I standing here?"
- BTS 


Minutes become hours and hours become days. It has been days since Jeongguk met that guy at the airport and since they got to Spain. For the past few days he has been thinking about if he should text him or not, but he doesn't want to get in trouble by his members or the manager. 

They're on their way to an interview for live TV. The boy doesn't really wanna go live, he doesn't speak English that well and is shy to try, even if they have their leader who speaks English fluently or if they hire a translator he just doesn't wanna answer the questions. He doesn't know why he is afraid of answering, he just is. 

Every time he has to answer a question when they ain't in South Korea he gets nervous and shy, he just wants to leave and not come back. His members know what is going on, and has told him that they can't do anything about it, it's something he has to get over by himself. 

"I want you guys to be prepared when we are gonna ask you questions, so here you have the questions we are gonna ask" Says the woman that is wearing a black suit. "See you on the set in 5 minutes" The woman leaves the 7 boys alone with a piece of paper that has the questions they're gonna ask. 

After some time it's time to go live and start the interview, the woman they met earlier is sitting behind a disk talking about something in Spanish that they don't understand a thing about. After a few minutes, she turns to the members who are ready to answer the questions or not all members are ready, the youngest is just smiling like he always does when the camera is on. "Smiling" it isn't a real smile. He can feel the pain inside of faking a smile, he hates faking it but at this point, he has to, he doesn't wanna look like someone who is depressed. 

"So many fans and also myself want to know how you're doing at the moment, with the tour is ongoing, isn't it stressful?" The leader looks at the rest of the members and says: "Going on tour will always be stressful, but we get to travel, see and try something new every day. So it's worth it in the end" The woman nods. 

After some time the interview is over, and the band walks away from the screen to leave for the concert the following night. 

As they're getting ready for the concert Jeongguk is having himself a break in the bathroom, he wants to get away from the busy mess next door. He takes out his phone and the card the guy gave him and types in the number. Jeongguk doesn't know how to start a conversation with the guy, but he wants to talk with him. 

"Hello, it's me the guy you met at the airport the other day" 

He closes the phone after sending the message and puts it into his pocket, walking out the bathroom. Getting the concert over so that he can rest afterwards.

During the concert, they are dancing, singing and rapping. 6 out of the 7 members are smiling and are having fun. But the youngest is just faking a smile like always, he is having fun trust him. But he knows he isn't feeling happy like he wanted to and is supposed to. 
As the concert is almost over, they're gonna talk with their fans. And when it's Jeongguk's turn, he doesn't know what to say. 

He holds the microphone up to his mouth as if he is talking. Instead, he is looking around to see all those ARMY-bombs that are in the air. 

He can feel his heart tightening and tears are forming in his eyes...

"I-I haven't really planned what I want to say tonight. But I want to say sorry, I haven't done my best tonight or these past days here in Spain. I..." Tears are falling and he looks down onto the floor trying to hide his face as he begins to cry. It's clear to see the members being worried, and the fans are yelling: "Don't cry!" But it isn't helping.
Jimin is walking over to the youngest to give him a hug. Jimin knows how much Jeongguk hates to cry in front of people, Jeongguk doesn't want to seem weak, but when he is crying he can't help but feel weak. 

"I-I'm so sorry..." Jeongguk says into the microphone as he continues to cry in his hyung's shoulder. After a few minutes of Jeongguk trying to calm down, he looks up from Jimin's shoulder and says: "Sorry for showing you guy's this, I just haven't been the best these days. I'm sorry, please forgive me" 

The concert ends and the members get back to the hotel. Where Jeongguk goes straight to his room and sees a message from the guy, from the airport. It was just from one hour ago.

"Hey, I'm glad you decided to message me. How're you?"


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