Chapter 2

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My mind was a blurb, not sure how exactly to process that. I withdrew the intensity of my doodling just a fraction.

My eyes were still glued on the page of which I was doodling my immense dragon but I perked my eyes to hear the teacher clear her throat as suddenly the door slammed and sudden chatter filled the room.

"Class this is Mr. Farwell. He will be joining your class for the rest of the year."

"It's my pleasure."  The boy spoke.

I crinkled my nose. From Taylor and Lizah's descriptions, his voice was supposedly sounded like a "deep, masculine, enchanting, heavenly, angelic, voice from heaven."

They were exaggerating. Big time.

"Oh, no problem. No problem at all Mr. Farwell." From the shakiness in her voice, I could just imagine her blushing.

Maya next to me whispered excitedly, "Aliya, it's Danny Farwell."

I rolled my eyes. "Whatever."

The teacher cleared her throat once again. "Well, uh, Mr. Farwell, let's get you situated. Let's see..." I could feel her eyes searching the span of the classroom searching for an empty seat.

I scrunched down in my seat a little bit more. Of course there just had to be an empty seat right next to me.

"Oh! Mr. Farwell you can take that seat right next to Ms. Sherton. She is in the back to your right." She paused. "Aliya, I can see you scrunching down in your seat." She said, amused.

I scrunched even further down in my seat.

Maya whispered. "Aliya, he's looking at you!'

"I still see you," the teacher said in a sing-song tone. "Mr. Farwell, please pay no mind to Ms. Sherton."

Dragons can have heads of teachers, right?

I heard the sound of metal scraping on the floor right next to me. A chair has obviously been occupied. Silence filled the room.

The teacher cleared her throat once more. (She sure is doing a lot of that today...)

"Anyways on with yesterday's lesson. Page 81 of your books, please." From then on, her voice gradually faded to the background.

What was so great about this boy? I thought to myself. I mean was he that great? Sure, good looking was an acceptable adjective but what else?

What drives girls so insane for this wonderboy? There are plenty other good looking guys in the school besides him.

For LIzah and Taylor the hot topic will always be that boy. They stalk him, scream over every piece of gossip, and for gosh sakes Lizah even has a cardboard cutout picture of him. How, I have no idea.

He has each girl strung on, hooked to, and in the palm of his hand. It was as if he had them on his fingers as his little play toys like...

"Salad fingers." I said abruptly and quite loudly.

The boy named Danny Farwell looked at me. "Pardon me?"

I looked at him and again the image took over my brain. "Salad Fingers." I repeated.

My eyes opened partially. I had no idea I said it out loud.

"Salad fingers..." The guy repeated, confused. "What?"

The bell rang.

"Salad Fingers," I sighed. "Look it up."

I took my bag and walked out of the classroom.


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