Chapter 18

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      (Name)'s POV

  I'm in Slender Man's office and he looks at me in the eyes, getting ready to say something to me.

  I start to fidget with my hands nervously, as well as biting my lip firmly. I start to become more nervous even more.

  'Is he going to kill me?? Am I gonna die?? What if they don't want me here??' I start to panic in my mind, and it just won't go away until I have a straightforward answer.

  Slender Man tilts his head and says, "Don't worry, child. You're not going to die and I won't hurt you. And on the contrary, I want you to stay. The others may disagree, but the decision of weather letting you stay or die, is my choice. I simply wanted to ask you if you wanted to be a Creepypasta. How would you feel about that?"

  I froze in my chair, wide eyed, while staring at Slender Man. "W-well... I g-guess s-so. I have n-nothing f-for me at m-my house." I stuttered surprised, but still nervous. I go back to fidgeting with my hands again once more.

  Slender Man nodded. "Very well. But, we will have to do a specific "procedure" in order to make you a Creepypasta. It shouldn't take more than a few hours. But, once the procedure is done, you might not wake up for a few days or so."

  I nodded slowly, "Do I get any powers or abilities? And will the procedure hurt?" I asked with worry in my voice.

  Slender Man sighed, "Well, it depends. I don't have the power to give you the ability or power that you want. I guess you can say it's a mystery until you figure it out or notice it. But, most of the Pasta's didn't get theirs until the fourth or the fifth day after they woke up. And about the procedure, it can be painful, but Eyeless Jack has medicine to make you feel numb. Plus, you'll be passed out. So, you won't feel it either way. Until you wake up."

  I sighed in relief. "Ok. But, I have one more question." Slender Man nodded, "What is it, child?" I hesitated, but asked anyway, "How early can you do this "procedure?" "Well, we could do it now. But, usually no later than five days." "Ok... so would it be ok if I do it now?" I asked with a glimmer of hope in my eyes.

  Slender nodded once more. "I don't see why not. Go tell Eyeless Jack about the procedure and I'll meet you two in his lab, ok?" I nodded my head, got out of the chair, and made my way to the door entrance to his office. But, before I left his office, he stopped me.

  "Wait, child. When you wake up, you will have to choose a Creepypasta name. Do you have anything in mind?" He asked.

  I thought about it for a second, but got nothing. I shook my head 'no'. "No, but I will think about it." I smiled, while he nodded.

  'Alright... now to find Eyeless Jack. Where could he be?' I thought as I looked around.

  'He is in his room at the end of this hall, on the right' I jumped at the sudden voice, but calmed down as soon as I knew it was Slender Man.

  'Sorry. I forgot to tell you that I can read minds and talk to people telepathically'

  'It's ok. You just startled me that's all. And thank you' I replied back.

  'You're welcome, child' He said softly. I smiled at his kindness. I mean honestly, how can people not like Creepypasta? They probably just don't like them because they kill people for a living. But... for some reason... that doesn't bother me.

  But, I shook it off and went to go find Eyeless Jack.

  While I was walking, one thought has been on my mind, the one that I've been worried about even since Slender Man told me about the procedure,

  'I just hope it goes well'

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