Part 56

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"FOR THE LAST 2 HOURS, THAT ZEN GUY WHO IS SIPPING ON HIS TEA HAS BEEN LOOKING AT ME—no, let me be specific. GLARING AT ME LIKE A SNACK." Nick who was literally out of breath, looked at the young girl in front of him.

She smiled innocently and giggled so light that ten thousand of feathers poofed in you!

(AN: ahem....eXCuse mE—)

"Ah~~ You must be happy~~ Ah, Nicky? Are you possibly gay?~ hahahaaaa~" -Eve with a high noble aura.

Nick absolutely lost his marbles when he heard that if he was 'possibly' gay.

"I...I...are you out of your damn mind?" Nick stressfully and successfully asked her as he saw her innocent smiling face.

"No and Can't you even take a joke?" Eve answered back with her smiling smile and smiling eyes. Nick stared at her for a long time with his arms on his chest, his lips firmly shut as if he didn't want to say anything stupid.

"...a joke...yeah..a joke...its just a joke...joke...just a joke..." he mumbled as he grumpily sat down and as Eve walk towards a big window and made eye contact with Nick.

She signaled to him.

Stop staring at him like you're going to smash him into pieces!

He replied.


She replied back.

He's uncomfortable. P.S. also question if he is gay or not.

He tilted his head innocently.

She furrowed her eyebrows and did a glare at him.

He smiled innocently with pink flowers and a pink background.

If I can't stare at him...

Then...should I stare at you instead?


Nick who just forgotten about what happen for 35 seconds was just thinking about what he should eat for dinner, jumped at the sound and got into fighting position!

But what he saw was, Eve standing near the window and her hand was apparently on the window. Her hand looked a little bit red and everyone in the room was staring at her, a little bit frighten.

Was she mad?

Nick thought as he scooted away from her, fearing that he might be next. Good thing that window was bulletproof.

While with Eve, behind her long blonde ass hair, she was in a blushing mess.

Zen chuckled and went back to sipping his tea. Lily came back with some desserts and snacks into her hands. According to the smile on her face, She looked happy as ever!

Lily saw Zen and decided to sit next to him. Placing the snacks on the table, she ate her sweet strawberry, fluffy cream crepe!

Ooohhh~ it was so good!

Lily was in paradise~😇

(ahem, cue the church music)

While in Eve's dark mind, she repeated some 'family friendly' words in her mind.

With a one spin, she walked away with calm steps. Nick who just sighed after she left, decided to get a snack in their restaurant.

/Few hours later/

The smell of gas filled the air and a small store was in bright lights.

Zen stood there with his school uniform and his bag. His eyes fluttered as he looked at his phone and his hair was straight and it oozed of sexiness.

Zen sighed again and ruffled his hair with a smile on his face, showing a charming and happy expression.

He just flirted with her and the next thing you know, she leaves you at a gas station.

'Leave! I don't want to see you anymore! Hmph!'

He chuckles as he thought about it.

A black car stops in front of him and the door opens. Zen goes inside the car and the black car drives away.


AN: It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood~ a beautiful day in a neighbor~ would you be my~ could you be my~ NEIGHBOR!!!!

Nick: let me sleep

Eve: That's a good song...


Zen: Hmhm *nod nod*

Sasha: How annoying.

Sean: How kind of you, Sasha~ *heart heart*

Sasha: Disgusting, get this bastard away from me!

Zen: ohohoho~ have fun *wave wave*

AN: come home safely~~ *wave wave*

Nick&Eve: Make sure to use protection—

Lily; FAMILY FRIENDLY!!! *smack smack!*

Nick&Eve: since when?!

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