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True name: Leona richford
Nicknames: Darky, late night devil
Date of death: 2019
Cause of death: died after trying to run from the police after killing a man she was supposed to fuck (since she was pretending to be a prostitute ) an gets shot by the police
Species: Cat demon
Gender: female
Relations: Charlie is her best friend, vaggie is like her little sister an alostor(i know i spelled his name wrong)
Looks: Teal has Long half shaved Hair thats teal at the top an bottom an orange in the middle, she has gray skin, her eyes are teal an Orange an her scarla os white, she wears high waisted shorts, a black crop top an black thigh high boots with fishnets underneath her shorts an crop top, sh also has a teal an orange tail but doesn't have any ears, an she has small x's underneth her eyes
Love interest: angel dust (or Charlie or your OC if you want)
Job: she is a pole dancer an a adult magazine model shes known as the late night devil all over hell

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