Chapter 1: The White King's Throne

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The white dragon named Thrallokgram (cloud, sky, jump) have been flying for hours on his way to his thuri, his Majesty's throne. Doubt and regret fills his mind as he carries the hatchling on his talons. He didn't plan for this he never could have. Although he saw something in the human that might change things, well not in his current condition. Life is slipping from this one's grasp.  Rogue dragons chased Thrallokgram, with a precious cargo it was quite difficult to outmaneuver them, luckily dragons from his pack flew in his aid.

"Druv los hi brud daar joor Thrallokgram?" (Why are you carrying this mortal Thrallokgram?) The Devilish Dervish asks with a murderous intent.

"Zu'u kuz daar gein wah thur, Yolgrahnax." (I'm taking this one to our king Yolgrahnax.) Thrallokgram speaks with disdain to the other dragon. The two never liked each other.

"To los mal ofanaat!" (That is a platry offering!) Yolgrahnax jeered.

"Daar los ni kip hi hefhah!" (This one is not food you idiot!) Roars back.

"Dreh ni tinvaak wah zey voth grik vofir." (Do not talk to me with such disrespect.) The red dragon voice raises. "WAH ZEY HI LOS SAHLO!" (To me you are just a whelp.)

The long flight comes to a stop as the dragons reached home an icy mass that is home to several dragons under the rule of an alpha dragon named Fo'hotthur (Frost, giant, overlord). He is kind and is beloved by all dragons in his rule. He enlists several Titanwings to help him govern the rest in their respective class. The Alpha usually spends his time sleeping unaware of the horrors of another alpha sowed. He is by far peaceful and tries not to get any of his subjects involved with other dragons not within his rule. As for humans he couldn't care less as long as his subjects are not involved. He expressed great disdain but he is known for his high intellect.

Thrallokar and Yolgrahnax have reached the interior. The place in a word "beautiful". It is a paradise for his kind to thrive.

"Zu' u hind hi mindok fos dreh." (I hope you know what you're doing.) Yolgrahnax left Thrallokgram to a titanwing.

It was a Nadder gleaming with superiority and pride. She was one of the King's guards named Mulkahzeik (Strong pride spike). An elder dragon known for her ferocity in combat, she is larger than common Nadders.

"Zu'u laan wah koraav thur." (I want to see the king.) Thrallokgram spoke politely trying not to rile up the elder.

"Hin dahrin?" (your reason?)

"Zu'u laan mom wah vahraan daar joor." (I want him to heal this mortal.)

"TO LOS NI MOORUS YIRT!" (That is not a funny joke!) The elder roared at what she heard. "Thur lost nid tiid fah daar goltnu." (the king has no time for this nonsense.)

"VOS MOK RAHN MULKAHZEIK!" (Let him pass Mulkahzeik.) A strong voice echoes owned by the king no doubt.

"Zul los mul rinik pruzah." (the voice is strong, very well.) Mulkahzeik moves out of the way and gestures Thrallokgram to proceed.

Thrallokgram moves inside the King's quarters. There he can see the majestic white alpha.

It was later disclosed that why Thrallokgram took a human child. The king ordered him to abduct one for the purpose of creating a being that will cease the war between the two races. The king finds it the right time to act after years of inactivity and complete seclusion from the outside world.

" Zu'u lost hahnu do daar. Zu'u fen Vos Dez komaan daar aluntiid. " (I had a dream about this. I will let fate decide this future.) The king bathe the human infant inside a pool of blood, his blood. His body restored anew and invigorated, fortified with the blood of the king.

"Hi los nu mindok ol Joormundiiv." (you are now known as Joormundiiv Mortal man wyrm).

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