The Town

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I had lived my whole life not knowing who my parents were. But in this time and age that was almost common. Women normally died in child-birth and men were usually used for experiments for the doctors who cared for nothing but war machines.

There was always a war, always a greater fight for power that was caused by people afraid to get their hands dirty, in the right positions. Government pigs I had heard a woman call them once. And so they were.

I lived in a secluded space a little into the woods. Most people lived in town, but that was more of an inconvenience to me. I didn't want to fall in love. That gave people a weakness and opened so many more ways to be hurt easily. In my life all I wanted to do was help people.

When I went into that gruesome place, I normally wore something to cover my face and body with. Most people thought I was an old apothecary actually. Only at night when I delivered supplies would I not wear a disguise. Movement was crucial when it came to evading the Dark Men. These were people made by the doctors as fighting machines. If someone were caught at night past curfew, they would either be shot or brought back to the doctors for more expirements. Walking to that town now made me disgusted.

Behind my house I would grow medicinal herbs and sell them to families in the town in secrecy for supplies. Doctors normally traded there medicine for some of the families lives to become expirements. Granted the medicines always worked but life should not be given in the process.

I'm just glad that no Dark Men had dared to come into the woods yet. Families that I have helped created rumors of a ghost priestess living in the woods that would kill anyone who had sinned if they stepped on her land. Of course the soldiers all know that what they do is not right and most of the people in town have a fear of the priestess too. Even the people who know the rumor is fake are scared of the dark woods.

Most people believed I was an angel sent down to save them from government oppression and the Great War that raged between the two powers. I heard them whisper of me, saying I would bring light to this darkness. It always made me laugh, but I was glad for their hope. It gave me some of my own.

"Tridia" a little boy cried joyfully, yanking my tattered sleeve as I walked through the towns entrance. It was one of the village children named Ethan. His father had been taken to the Lab last summer and his mother worked all the time to try and get them by. He was one of my favorites.

"What do you want?" I imitated in my fake rough voice. It always made him smile, how I talked. And like always, a big smile light up his face.

"You're back in town so soon." I knew what he meant. I normally gave the children toys when I came into town, and coming back only a day after my last visit was unusual for me.

"Yes I'm sorry I don't have anything for you this time. I came into town to hear the news actually." Ethan's eyes went back to their normal curious look. Everyone had heard that today some people had been chosen to work in the Lab. Most people considered this good news, but I was like the other people who had no trust for the Lab. No one really knew what they did at the Lab just that people went in and never came out.

A year ago on my designated sixteenth birthday a man who limped badly escaped the lab into the woods. I guess he would rather have taken the wrath of the priestess than the Lab and had found my cottage. I suppose he knew the only safe place from the soldiers was in the woods.

He had knocked on my door in the middle of the night and had startled me out of my sleep. He had lacerations all over his body from where the doctors had cut him open. One of his eyes was missing. The other one had been replaced with a mechanical replica which I had taped off so the doctors wouldn't see who I was.

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