Chapter 58

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After what feels like an hour of talking about random things with Matt, Taylor voice booms over the talking as he strides towards us.

"Matt? I need your help in the kitchen"

"What?" I ask

"It's kind of an emergancy"

"Taylor, what?" I say sternly.

"It's Jack"

"Shit" I say jumping up and worming through the crowd towards the kitchen. I burst through the door to see a crowd of people all stood in a circle looking at the floor.

"Jack?" I yell.

"Sky! Do something!" Gilinksy begs. I push through the crowd to see Jack collasped on the floor lying in a pile of him own vomit.

"Jack I told you!" I say. No response.

"He's not waking up" Gilinsky shouts.

"Taylor, Gilinsky- get him in the car"

"What about an ambulance"

"That's not quick enough" I say. Taylor and Gilinsky nod and pick Jack up. I hold the door open for them as the carry him towards the car.

"Nash, Hayes, Matt get rid of everyone" I order. They dont argue, they nod and Matt kisses my cheek.

"Do you need me?"

"No" I say bluntly following them out of the door.


Taylor drives way over the speed limit but we don't care. We have to get Jack to the hospital. I told him not to drink so much. Why couldn't he just listen to me?

We pull into the car park and rush inside.

"Help, he's not waking up" Gilinsky says tears streaming down his face. A doctor comes along with a wheelchair and we put Jack into it. He wheels Jack away whilst Gilinsky runs along side. Taylor and I find a nearby seat and sit awkardly.

"Why didn't I put my foot down and stop him?" I say to myself

"You can't blame yourself" Taylor tries to comfort.

"I told him to drink himself into a coma"

"It was a heat of the moment thing"

"No, I knew he was drunk. He didn't mean anything he said but I still said it"


"I'm such a horrible person" I say tears streaming down my face.

"No you aren't" He replies wrapping his arm around the back of my neck. I rest my head on his shoulder. "you're the most amazing person I know. You wouldn't wish anything bad onto anyone."

"But I did. I told Amy that I should have left her in that school" I say burying my face into his shoulder "I meant that"

"But she's a bitch. She deserved it"

"I deserve it. I ruin everyone's lives. Jack was right"

"What exactly did Jack say?"

"I ruined everyone- Nash, Hayes, Matt, Amy, Mom, you and now Jack"

"You didn't ruin my life. You made it better"

"Your life was fine without me"

"Yeah, it was fine. But now its amazing. All because of you Skylar"

"You always know how to cheer me up" I smile looking up at him. Our faces are a few inches apart. I don't think before I move closer and push my lips against him. He kisses back and everything feels perfect we hear a voice.

"You guys are literally relationship goals" A girl says holding her phone up at us. She has short red hair and blue eyes.

"Did you just take a picture of us?" Taylor asks

"Even better! A Video!"

"Delete it" I say sternly.

"But why? You're Taylor and Skylar. You're Skylor. I need this video for your wedding day."

"We aren't getting married." I say bluntly

"Can I get a picture with you guys? For my Instagram?" I look to Taylor. He looks at me with puppy dog eyes- he has to be nice to a fan. It will ruin his reputation.

"Sure" I say fakely. We stand up and she stands inbetween us holding her phone out. We take a picture and she thanks us.

"So what brings you guys here? I'm visiting my mom, she's having twins"

"We're visiting J-" Taylor starts

"Just a friend" I finish, shooting him daggers.

"Well I better get back, I'm gonna ask mom to call them Sky and Taylor because I love you guys so much!" She squeals "Bye Skylor"

"What the hell is Skylor?" Taylor asks as soon as the girl leaves.

"It's our ship name apparently" I say showing him my phone.

"#Skylor is trending number 1 worldwide on twitter" Taylor states

"Apparently it has been for a while" I say looking at my phone "Listen to this: '#Skylor NEEDs to happen!' and 'When is #Skylor going to become a thing? They obviously like eachother'" I read.

"Well I like you but you like Matt" Taylor says under his breath. I choose to ignore it.

"Look on vine" I say watching a video edit of Taylor and I entitled 'The Way He Looks At Her'. "Awh this is well cute" I say showing him it.

"Damn is it that noticable?"

"Obviously. I don't see it though- you just look the same as you always have done"


"So are we going to talk about what just happened?" I ask

"What you kissing me? Yeah that was great"

"No, I shouldn't have done it. Matt's at home worrying about me and Jack's in there fighting for his life. I shouldn't be kissing you"

"But you liked it though" He winks.

"No. I didn't" I lie. "I'm going to find Gilinsky"

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