The Misty Forest. Part 2

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Part 2 of The Misty Forest. :)


I can just see some sort of shadow in the distance, but the mist is covering it up.  I start walking towards it, but the more steps I take, the further away it is. "Hellooo!" i yell out, and then my voice starts echoing.

They start walking slowly towards me, the mist isn't covering them up anymore. It is an old man, I walk over towards him, but the closer i get, he fades away. I yell out hello again.

"D" someone shouted, and then it started echoing. I turn around, the old man was just standing there  a couple meters away, staring at me. He was wearing a brown hat, with a black jacket and pants. His hair was frizzy, his eyes gazed at me, he didn't move.

As i stare back, i hear branch crunch. I turn around, nothing was there. I turn back around at the old man, but he wasn't there. The wind carried the letter "E". I turn around too keep walking, but all of a sudden the old man was right in front of me.

"Are you lost little one?" he asks me. "No im not, but thanks. I have too keep on walking, sorry cant stay and talk. " 

I start walking, he follows me. "A" he shouts at me, then the letter "T"

" Come here little one, ill show you the way."

I start running, faster and faster. In the distance I see a little hut, it looks old and abandon. "Mum and dad might be in there!"

As I run towards the hut, I trip over a piece of wood and cut my knee, "Ouch! should of brought some band aids. " I get my drink bottle out of my bag and tip a little bit on my knee so the blood  will wash off. 

"H" someone yells out.

I open the hut door, but something is jamming it from opening. I look through the window, and all i can see is all this blood on the floor. I go too the other window, that lets me see the door.

My eyes gaze at what was jamming the door, my heart sunk and i lost my breath. It was a dead body, but it was none of my parents.


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