Chapter 42

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~Brook's POV~

<The day they met>

It was sunny outside. For the first time in a long while, it was sunny. The clouds looked like cotton candy as they glided across the sky. They made shapes which I pointed out to my sister, Liani, who lay next to me.


I looked up and saw my mum. She was standing in the doorway of our house. Behind her was one of her friends, from tennis maybe.

Brook's Mum - "Brooklyn, Liani, come inside please"

Brook - "Coming mum!"

I raced Liani inside and won of course, much to her annoyance.

For payback, she decided to tickle me senseless, which in turn earned a scowl from mum.

Brook's mum - "Brook, remember Leasly?"

I shook my head, the lady looked familiar for sure, but I couldn't remember her.

Leasly - "Hi Brook, I don't expect you to remember me, you were very little the last time I saw you," she chuckled, "You look so big now! How old are you?"

Brook - "I'm eight"

Leasly - "Wow! Same age as my boy!" She laughed again, "Now that I think about it, I don't think you've met him."

She called down the hall where a girl and a boy came running.

At the same time, mum called Tai and Jude, who also came running from the other end of the house.

The boy hid behind the lady. He was a little taller than me, but not by a lot. His hair was brown and his eyes green. The colours reminded me of the grass outside.
After mum "officially" introduced Jude, Tai, Liani and I, the lady introduced the girl, who I learned was Emily, and the boy

Leasly - "And this is Jack"

Jack - "Hi" he waved.

Brook - "Hi" I waved back.

<Dinner party - 8 years later>

He pulled me up the stairs to his room. I smiled and let him pull me along.

Moments later, our lips were connected and his hands were traveling up and down my body, pulling at my clothes.

Now topless and pressed up against the wall, he started to move his kisses downward.

I felt at least 3 hickeys bloom on my skin. Growing like flowers against the pale white backdrop that my skin was.

Spreading and developing in colour with the longer they are left in the air.

After planting those flowers, he pulled away and grabbed my hand, guiding me over to the bed.

He started gardening again, planting the flowers on my torso, so they were hidden. Like a secret garden.

Jack and I had been doing this, sneaking away, sharing sweet moments, touching, kissing, ever since we were 13.

I've known I liked boys, especially Jack, since then. Since the time Jude dared him to kiss me.

I've only told Liani that I liked boys, not specifically Jack, but boys in general. Since I told her, we've been closer than ever, which is always nice. But nobody else knew just yet.

Jack moved his kisses back up to my lips before pulling away and looking into my eyes.

Jack - "What are you thinking about?" He asked, leaning over me.

Brook - "You... this... us."

He sat up completely, legs either side of me as he sat straddled on my legs.

Jack - "What are you talking about?" He paused, "There is no 'us'"

Brook - "What do you call this then!?!" The annoyance in my voice clear.

Jack - "'This' is nothing! It's just for fun. It means nothing!"

His words hurt, I thought he felt something for me like I felt for him, but I guess I was wrong. A lump in my throat grew bigger as he walked away.

Brook - "And these!? Do these mean anything to you?" I gestured to the flowers patterned on my chest.

Jack - "No!" He was pacing back and forth, "It all means nothing! Absolutely nothing!"

There were tears threatening to fall over my eyes.

Brook - "And here I thought you actually liked me..."

This time I let a few tears fall as I picked up my shirt and left the room.

Liani was the first person I ran into and a part of me was grateful. She hugged me and told me that it was going to be okay.

<The day the groups were assigned - 3 years later>

Miss Anderson - " And the group of 7 will include; Andrew Fowler, Ryan Robertson, Brooklyn Wyatt, Mikey Cobban, Harvey Cantwell, Ryan Beaumont and Jack Duff."

I walked over to where Rye, Jack, Harvey and Mikey were, with Andy and Sonny.

While Andy and Rye decided what was going to happen, I stole a glance over to Jack.

I still felt everything now, that I felt for him all those years ago. Nothing had changed. Sure the flowers had died and faded away, but all my feeling were still there. No matter how he treated me, the amount of silent treatments either of us received, the dirty looks across the dinner table, all the feelings I had developed for him back then, were still there now.

I just hope he would one-day feel the same...

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