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•{ Tori's POV }•

I brush out my hair, remove my dress and jewelry, removed some of my makeup especially my lipstick then I put on a white v neck and black jogging pants that fit tight at my ankles.

I walk out of my room only to walk into a wall of men. Being Lorenzo, Marco, and even Diego.
They had changed into sweat pants and T-shirt's as well.

"I'm glad all of us had the same idea...I guess great minds really do think alike." I say to them

"We just followed Diego's lead." Lorenzo says

"Well like I said great minds think alike." I say teasing them while throwing a little shade.

"Whatever..." Lorenzo replies

I see Diego slightly smirk and Marco says "We should get downstairs before Luca gets impatient..."

"Do all of you really have no patience?" I ask

"Diego is the most patient one out of all of us..." Lorenzo explains

"But even he is impatient..." Marco finishes

"And outside of Elena and Angelina no other women live here?" I question

"No the maids and butlers live in another house about ten minutes from here..."
Marco says

"Sounds like all of you are overdue on some patience training..." I comment

"Don't even think about trying anything...it won't work and you could end up getting hurt."
Marco warns

"You'll only fail..." Lorenzo says in a sing along kind of way making me roll my eyes as we walk towards the stairs. 

Diego lets out a deep yet quiet breathy laugh.
It threw me off guard.

"What makes you think she'll fail?" Diego questions seeming amused which apparently even shocks Marco and Lorenzo.

Like Lorenzo chokes as we walk down the stairs and Marco looks like he could pass out at any moment. Making me look at Diego and bust out laughing as we continue walking down the stairs. Diego just watches me in amusement finally we reach the bottom of the stairs and I'm still laughing. I haven't laughed like this in years. Marco and Lorenzo are leading Diego and I as he is walking slower to stay behind with me as I try to calm down.

Marco and Lorenzo enter before us but continue to hold the door open.

I hear both of them mumbling stuff to themselves and to each other but I contain my laughter. Diego and I enter the dinning room and I see Luca at the head of the table on his left is my father Valente, Francesco, Elena, Angelina, and Riccardo.

To his right I see Marco sit beside him.
Diego pulls out the chair in between Marco and him for me to sit in. So it's Marco, Me, Diego, and Lorenzo... everyone else must've left.

A few maids bring out the food which happens to be seafood and pasta some of my favorites.
I see the older ones are still dressed up just not in suits and Luca is in black pants and a shirt.

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