Chapter 22

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Everything hurt.

Just moving was like fire in her muscles. She wanted to scream but the only sound to escape her was a weak groan. She tried to pry open her eyes but even that was difficult. When she finally managed to, she had to shut them again because the light was blinding. After several attempts, she pried them open, squinting to see her surroundings.

It looked like a hospital room only a bit homelier. There was a brown leather couch with a lamp beside it, a beige couch chair in the corner, and the bed she was currently laying in. 

Where the hell am I?

The pain was clouding the fact that she was in a strange place and it was hard to focus. Grabbing at the IVs in her arm, she yanked them off, hissing at the pain. Throwing off the covers, she climbed to her feet, pain radiating through her legs. 

She limped over to the door, blinking away the black dots.

"When she wakes, notify the Alpha. I'm sure he'll have questions." 

Were they talking about her? What Alpha?

"She's a rogue. Shouldn't we have guards stationed at the door?" The second voice sounded much more hostile and she could feel her heart hammering in her chest.

"The girl was half-dead when they brought her in. She is no threat," the first voice answered.

Reaching out, she locked the door and glanced around frantically until her eyes landed on the window. 


Rushing over, she checked for locks and sighed in relief when she found it unlocked. Sliding it up slowly, she ducked down when she heard passing voices.

"How much longer will we have to put with that bloodsucker, Beta Maire?" The voice belonged to a man.

"For however long he pleases. This is his pack and we will follow his rules," the woman's voice was stern and held power.

"He's gone weak-"

There was a loud, choking sound. "Do not speak ill of the Alpha or I'll have you hung for treason!"

Everything went silent for a moment and then sound of gasping breaths filled the air.

"I-I'm sorry, Be-Beta Ma-Maire," the man choked out and Leanna shuddered.

She didn't belong to this pack, she knew that much. What would they do to her once they came?Shaking away the thoughts, she waited until the coast was clear and then slipped out of the window.

The sun was low, letting her know it was mid to late afternoon. She couldn't see anyone in the immediate vicinity so she made a run toward the treeline. 

Once safe, she let out a sigh of relief and turned and started her trek through the trees. 

She walked what seemed like forever, the sun setting and encasing her in darkness. Her back was pinching with pain but she pushed it aside, forcing herself to move. 

A groan of pain escaped her and she fell to her knees, holding onto a nearby tree. 

"How bad is the pain?" The voice was low and came from behind her.

"Please," she coughed. "Please don't kill me. J-Just let me l-leave."

His footsteps were quiet as he walked around her, stopping in front of her.

"You aren't a prisoner here. But the pain you're feeling is from the residual effects of wolfsbane and silver in your bloodstream and nervous system. Someone tortured you and when you escaped, you stumbled across some hunters."

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