Chapter 1: Rain Michaels

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Ever liked someone so much, that you did everything in your power to get their attention and still nothing? Me right now, I like my brother's best friend. And no this isn't your typical, my friends are off limits. You'll see soon what I mean.

Maybe this year might be the year he finally sees me. I said maybe. The man is extremely oblivious. And to top it all, has a troll for a girlfriend. Just my luck.

"Lazy ass, wake up." Cole said while knocking on my door. And this is my dear brother who happens to be my twin.

"I'm up, let's get this year over with." I replied in a sleepy voice. He just chuckled and left.

I can't wait to graduate, and then go to college. A new scenery would be great. Not that Miami isn't nice, but I like to travel. That's why before I go to college, I'm taking a year off to travel around the world.

Once I was ready, I walked to the table to have breakfast.

"Morning people." I said before yawning.

"This is what happens when you stay till 3 am watching movies." Dad said before drinking his coffee.

"I would say never again, but that would be a lie and you and mom told me to never lie." I said while grabbing a toasted bread.

"Our daughter." Mom said while chuckling.

A little about our family. Dad owns a record company and mom is the photographer there. They do more than well. And even though they're important people, they always make time for us. For us, family comes first.

"Alright you two, get going." Dad said while getting up.

"Goodbye house, I'll miss you." I fake a sniffle while leaving the table.

"Such a Drama queen." Cole chuckled as our parents did too.

After a 20 minute drive to school, we got out of the car and went to our lockers. Then I spotted him alone. I made a run and jumped on his back. He caught me.

"I missed you." I said while wrapping my arms around his neck while I was still on his back.

"I missed you too, even though I saw you two days ago." He chuckled.

Cole joined us and we started to talk and joke around. You could say that these two are my best friends. Every girl that wanted to be my friend, was just to get closer to Cole.

"I missed you." We turned to see Bella wrapping her arms around Cole's waist.

"I missed you more." He leaned in and gave her a kiss.

Bella Green. She's what everyone in this school call, a nerd. She's shy, yet somehow managed to get Cole's attention. She's a straight A student. They've been together for 5 months. She's the sweetest girl you'll ever meet. Our parents love her. Before her, Cole was a player. I'm glad he settled down with a nice girl.

"Hey Bella." We said with Matt at the same time. She waved at us and smiled.

"Baby." A voice screeched and before we knew it, she crashed her lips against his.

Tiffany Diaz. Or as I call her, Botox Barbie. She's been with Matt for 6 months. I don't know how they've been together this long. She's too fake for him.

"Matt, how can you breathe kissing those huge Botox lips?" I questioned him. Bella and Cole just laughed.

"Really?" He said while giving me a look.

"Don't be jealous cause you don't have the perfect lips or body." She said while pinching my cheek like I was a four year old toddler.

"Don't pinch my cheeks, the cheeks are off limits. Actually, dont touch me ever again. I could catch a disease." I retorted as Bella and Cole kept laughing.

"I've only ever been with my baby so your comment is invalid." She answered while hugging him.

I laughed, "good one, troll." I kept laughing some more. "later everyone." I waved them goodbye and then went to my locker.

"I have classes to attend, see you later babe." She pecked Matt's lips and then left.

"How can you deal with her?" Cole asked him.

"Because I like her."

"You don't love her?" Bella asked.

"Love is a strong word. Now that this Interrogation is over, I have a class to get to." He waved them goodbye and left.

"Shouldn't he love her already, they've been together for 6 months." Bella told Cole.

"No idea, people are different. I mean we've been together 5 months and I love you so much." He said before pecking her lips as she smiled. Oh yeah, they're very cheesy.

"How did you bagged him, is beyond me." The queen bee said, Patricia. She's worst than Tiffany.

"Patricia, go jump off a cliff and never return." Cole told her as Bella giggled.

I returned from my locker and found them with the queen bee.

"What did I missed?"

"Just some jealous hoe." Cole told me.

"Still mad cause Bella managed to get my twin's attention." I chuckled, "get over it, see this." I pointed at Bella's hand, "that's a promise ring, which means, closer to engagement. Now shoo."

"That big mouth of yours will get you in trouble one day, mark my words." She screeched before leaving.

"Yeah, yeah. Buh bye." I waved her goodbye.

"Thank you." Bella said.

"Anytime, future sister in law." I grinned.

We walked to our first class, and this is how Senior year started off, with mild drama. I really hate bullies. Now I just need a way to get that troll away from Matt.

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