Sixteen(part 1)

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This is not true.

I was dreaming right? Why? Why did these happen to me again but worst to my daughter I can't let him go this time, that f*cker really know how to piss me off huh. But I'm thankful that she send me this message so I will definitely save her and be with her again.

My moves were frantic and my hands are shaking with fear while I'm readying my things to take off when I saw her message to me I quickly informed our chief that I can't go overtime while my only family is in danger. I can't and I will never will again put my family aside.

When I'm about to leave Flor my only friend noticed me, and she quickly go to me with a worried look on her face sometimes I wish to talk to her while she is not busy. She came towards me and look worriedly at me she probably heard the situation to our chief.

"Can I go with you? no it doesn't matter I will go with you"

"Thanks but no that man who is in our house right now is a very dangerous man he's a psycho"
We rode the elevator after I said that and a silence between us there's a heavy atmosphere after I said the psycho part. Can this freaking elevator move faster my daughter's life is important than this. I know I'm not a mother material to her but I love her and I can't lose her cause she is my only anchor in this f*cked up life of mine. A hand holds my hand tightly and didn't realize the tears that keeps flowing.

"be strong Janette your the only hope of your daughter let's just pray for her safety right now"


Like I can do that I knew to myself that I'm not in a good relationship with the God so I'm doubting but I will do this for my daughter cause she is the greatest gift that he gave in to my life and saved me from my miserable moments. But I closed my eyes and clasp my hands tightly together.

So uhm I knew that I'm not a good person because of the things I did to my daughter, I keep blaming things that happened from me to her but I love my daughter so much than my life but I just guess this till now in the end there is always the guilt and the thinking that I shouldn't done that but it already happened so I'm going to apologize for all my sins, for all my wrong decisions in life and for being a worst person in this life that you gave to me. I was never thankful to you but now I realize that I should because all you did was to love me and my daughter so Thank you God for giving me my life and please guide my daughter, protect her especially from that man.

Flor is a very good friend to me so I should treasure her for being with me in my life. She said that she have a plan to save my daughter. It is to me being a bait to lure that man out to the police and get him what he deserved. She is worried about me though because I can risk my life and just die instantly but I don't care anymore I was desperate to save her right now.

I will be baiting my life to save my daughter and I will gladly do it just to save her.
Though I am scared I will be strong for her and face that man.

This is the part one of chapter sixteen thank you!  

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