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10:30Am, Thursday, 26th February, 2019.

Well, a new kid is joining Roadtrip today. Andy said his name was Sunny or something like that. He plays guitar too. I wonder what he looks like? Maybe he's emo? ooo, maybe hes tall and rugged? He'll be here soon, I'm so exited *Smiley face doodle.*

12pm, Thursday, 26th February, 2019.

Urgh, Andy whined at me again today because I left his laptop charger in the living room when I promised id bring it into the bedroom. Oops. Andy can be a handful sometimes, but I still love him. Hes just so adorable.

Robins POV:

I was rustling around in my room, looking for my plug, I couldn't find it anywhere.
"Have you got it?" Rye called from downstairs.
"Not ye...OW!- Yep, I found it!" I said picking it up from under my feet.
"Did you stand on it?" He laughed.
"That could be possible, yeah"

I heard hysterical laughter.
"Oh shut up Rye" I joked.
"Alright, alright, just hurry up, the newbie will be here soon." He called again.

"I'll be down in a minute." I said back.

"I call bullshit" Brook said walking past my door and to the stairs.

"Yeah right, your gonna doll up just for him, ain't ya?" Jack said.

" I'd doll up for you too, if I could be bothered."

"Oooh, harsh! Damn girl, your gonna need to sheathe them teeth before you hurt someone." Brook retaliated.

I giggled and then trotted out my room, and went downstairs with the boys.

We walked into the kitchen where Andy was leant against the counter with Rye in his arms.

"Oh get a room!" Brook wailed, earning a laugh from me and Jack.

I looked down and saw my black and white converses where untied. I quickly tied them up.

We were all talking in the kitchen when the doorbell rang.

"Is he here?" I said jumping up and down.

"Jack, carry me, I don't have any shoes on" Brook said, then leaping onto Jack's back.

"Let's go" Andy said, walking to the door.

Me, Jack, Rye and Brooklyn went out the back, running into the front garden where a car was parked with a tall brunette standing close by with a large suitcase.

The boys kept running but I stopped in my tracks and stared at him, in a trance.

He was gorgeous, drop dead gorgeous.
His face looked like it was carved by angels, he had a golden nose ring and a tattoo across his collar bone.
His smile could light up New York, his pearly teeth glistened in the winter sun, his curly brown hair sat perfectly atop his head, even while bouncing in the wind.

He must have noticed my staring as he was awkwardly looking in my direction and the boys were laughing for some reason.

"Hello..?" He said.

my head shook and I finally came back into reality.

"Huh? What?" I said not hearing what he said the first time.

"You fall any harder you'll end up in hell" Brook called in hysterics.

I gave him a playful glare, and looked back to the new kid.

"Sorry..Hi, I'm Robin." I said, putting my hand foreward for him to shake.

"Hello Robin, I'm Ryan, but I like being called Sonny."

I laughed nervously as his Chocolate brown eyes met mine, making me feel weak in the knees.

He gripped my hand and shook it, and I could've died, his shiny rings and polished bangles shone in the sunlight.

"Uh, Robin?" One of the boys said.

"What?" I said quickly.

My head snapped back and I quickly let go of his hand which I had been holding onto way to long.

Sonny laughed.
"I like you, you're cute" he said, patting my head and walking past me, his aftershave giving me waves of adrenaline.

He met with his old pal Andy, and they went inside with Rye following behind.

I slowly turned to see an amused Jack and Brook.

"Holy fuck, he's gorgeous" I said a bit too loud.

His head popped out the door and I flushed a bright red, Brook and Jack were basically having an Athsma attack in laughter at this point.

"I know I am" he said blowing me a kiss and disappearing.

"..Ho..lYyy...Damn..n" I said, flustered.

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