Rules + The Basics

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> R U L E S <

1) There will be NO hate, is that clear? There will be no discrimination either, I am a kind and accepting person (to most things) and I will not tolerate any kind of hate what so ever. This also includes being kind to others, you don't have to like them, just show them some respect. Thats all I ask.

2) Please be patient when waiting for a reply! I have a life too. I won't always be online 24/7 . I do not want to see spam. By this I mean any "(hello??)" "(:3)" "(are you still there?)" if its been over three days, then you may tag me (@RYNXLIT)

3) If you spam me, then I will give you a warning, if it keeps happening, I will kick you. Im not a harsh or mean person, and I do not intend to be that way, I just want everything to go by smooth for the both of us. That's understandable, right?

4) Please please please make your roleplay descriptive. I will not roleplay anyone who replies with short sentences. Heres some examples.


Matt smiled awkwardly before letting out a soft chuckle. There was just a certain way that [insert random name] made him feel. "How about we go out and get some lunch?" He suggested. "I'm starving."

[That or longer is all I ask]


Matt smiled and blushed. "Lets go get something to eat." He said.

I also do not accept people who roleplay like this;

Matt: *sits down and smiles*

If you reply in short sentences, I will ask you to make them longer, if I do not see improvement/its not to my satisfactory I will give you one more chance. If something still doesn't change, our rp will be on hold, I won't kick you, I'll give you time to come up with a longer reply. I understand if you are tired or if the situation is dull at the moment and none of us can come up with good replies, that leads us to rule 5.

5) I have a tendency to let rps go dull, I'll be honest. I'm not perfect, none of us are. If the rp is dull/boring/uninteresting we can share ideas on how to make it interesting again, either you or I can say something, don't be afraid to talk to me about anything!

6) No Mary/Gary sues! Meaning no perfect characters, everyone has flaws. No "Shes good at everything! Everyone loves her and shes the most beautiful person in the world!!" Please,,, its stupid and annoying.
* Also meaning no op quirks or I will literally scream at you

7) Like 5, not really a rule but a statement, I have an oc too, I would like for him to be included in the roleplay. Meaning I'll play my oc and your love interest, and you play your oc and my love interest, but it's optional, no pressure. It would just be very much appreciated 💕

8) And finally, no smut. It just makes me uncomfortable

Thank you all for reading and I hope ye enjoy! ;)

Comment 💘 if you read the rules and agree to follow them to the best of your ability!



I know y'all don't wanna hear me keep talking so lets make this quick

Who I WILL Roleplay;

- Izuku Midoriya
- Katsuki Bakugou
- Shoto Todoroki
- Ochaco Uraraka
- Tsuyu Asui
- Momo Yaoyorozu
- Mina Ashido
- Tenya Iida
- Denki Kaminari
- Hanta Sero
- Fumikage Tokoyami
- Hitoshi Shinsou
- Kyouka Jirou
- Ejirou Kirishima
- Mirio Togata
- Nejire Hado
- Tamaki Amajiki
- Shouta Aizawa (Eraserhead)
- Yagi Toshinori (All Might)
- Hizashi Yamada (Present Mic)
- Tomura Shigaraki
- Himiko Toga
- Dabi

Who I will NOT Roleplay;

- Yuga Aoyama
- Mashirao Ojiro
- Koji Kouda
- Rikido Satou
- Mezo Shouji
-Toru Hagakure
-Minoru Mineta
- Endeavor
- No other pro heroes, for romantic purposes
- No villains, for romantic purposes (except the ones listed)

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