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(you know the drill, this is aged up. whenever something implies UA it's always the last year that I'm talking about. also, in this you're an exchange student doing her last year at UA)

It was another Monday and honestly you were still feeling a bit lethargic. You felt like you didn't have enough time to recover over the weekend. However, you shrugged it off. You wanted to be the number one hero and you already knew the implications of that. Hard work is no stranger to you.

The morning felt like a haze to you. Everything was done in a hurry and it was like you just suddenly developed teleportation powers and used them to get to school. It all happened too quickly, but you didn't mind. It's not like anything notable happened.

Even your classes seemed more boring on Mondays. You were waiting for the physical training to wake you up a little, but you still had a bit to bare before that. At least you were in the English class and Present Mic's voice was loud enough to keep you from falling asleep on your desk.

"What the fuck did you do all night, (Y/n)? Your look like shit.", you heard a familiar cranky voice.

You looked up to see Bakugo talking to you. He was as aggressive to you as he was to others, but he actually called you by your name which was a bit weird. You supposed it was because you actually managed to beat him in training when you were paired to fight each other. He was still an asshole, but he actually asked what's up with you, although in a very rude manner. But you were not going to let your guard down.

" I kept having nightmares. It was terrible... All I could see was just your face over and over again. Ugh, terrifying. "

You heard him groan before Present Mic asked him a question since he wasn't paying attention. Bakugo answered correctly, but that wasn't a surprise for anyone.

Eventually, it was training time and you couldn't be any happier. You loved to fight. When you were little you had what can be called anger issues, but after your quirk manifested you started training right away to focus your rage into something productive. It was the doctor's suggestion and it worked like a charm. Basically, you've been working your whole life towards the goal of becoming the number one hero. Maybe your reason for getting here were not as pure as other's, but you still managed to get here. By training and learning how to use your quirk, you learned how to use your rage in the most efficient way without this affecting your everyday life. People liked to joke that you've got an alter ego that fights for you because someone as calm as you could never fight like a maniac.

After changing into your hero costume you passed Bakugo on your way to training. He didn't look as bothered by your presence as he looked when you first arrived. Maybe that's because you actually stood up for yourself when he started to call you names.

" Listen here, Blast Bitch, you'll want to learn my name since it's going to sit on top of yours forever. I'm going to be the number one hero no matter if you like it or not, so get used to being on the second place from now on and learn to show some respect."

Everyone else in the room gasped in unison before getting quiet and waiting for Bakugo's reaction.

" If you can beat me, maybe I'll learn your stupid fucking name. But that's never going to happen since I'm always the best!", he said cockily.

" Tell me when and where. I'll beat your ass anytime anywhere. "


After that you were paired to fight in training and he started calling you by your name. You did beat him fair and square.

" I hope I get paired with you today.", you said.

" The fuck you mean by that?", he replied looking a bit confused.

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