Chapter 5

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AN// I have only seen what is on Netflix so I hope that explains anything that happens before and after this chapter. Yes I have seen some spoilers but I don't know enough to implement them. Please enjoy! //

Soft tapping on the window pulled Adrien from his homework. Little bug leaned against the window holding Master Fu. Adrien rushes to the Window and let the two in.

Weeks faded to months as months faded to years. People soon forgot about Ladybug and Chat Noir. Little bug and Mister Noir run around saving Paris now with their handful of friends. Chloe is still Queen Bee. Now there is a heroine known as the Pettite Souris (Small mouse), and a hero known as Mister Rouge (mister red). In this year they managed to retrieve the peacock miraculous and discovered the identity of Hawkmoth. They however, didn't leak his identity to the public.

The group landed on the roof of the bakery with a flash they de-transformed and entered the young girls room.

"What a day," Alya sighed lying down on the floor. Marinette smiled sitting on her chair.

"Are you okay Adrien?"

"Yea, I am fine. Thanks Nino,"

"Of course,"

"Hey, we are here for each other," Alya added sitting up.

"Surprisingly I agree, we can't beat Hawkmoth without working as a team," Chloe sighed. The group nodded in agreement to the blondes words.

"Marinette ta getting late are your friends spending the nights?" Sabine yelled from downstairs as she pushed herself upstairs.

"Uh..." Marinette glanced around at the group. Nino and Adrien stood to leave. Alya pulled Nino into a hug before giving him a goodbye kiss. "The girls are staying the night," the boys left through the bakery as Chloe stretches out on the bed.

"So Marinette, when are you going to tell Adrien about your crush?" Chloe mused.


"-No... I have tried, I just don't feel like now is the time. Y'know with his dad being Hawkmoth and him moving in with Nino,  he seems so sad," Marinette mumbled looking at her hands.

"Maybe he needs a little bit of love in his life," Mullo smiles landing on Marinette's shoulder.

"But it could be hurtful,  ignore all of your other problems for a moment because I have had a crush on you since the umbrella incident! Thought I should tell you! That sounds insensitive of me,"

"I don't mean to burst your bubble but I am on the phone with Nino," Alya sighed. Marinette jumped out of her chair face cherry red as she flees to her roof. Chloe lay on the bed laughing.

The cold wind raked against my cheeks, cooling them from their blush. The wind pulled and played with my hair. My nose started to run as my eyes started to water. A small shiver raked my body as the chill of the autumn night touched my bone.

"Princess, it's late," a soft voice murmured behind me. Spinning to look at him with a smile, only to notice Mister Rouge. "Your smile faltered princess,"

"Do you miss Plagg?"

"Sometimes, but I live with Plagg and Trixx," he stood beside me letting the wind pull his hair. A small sense of peace surrounded us. "Why are you up here if it sounds like a party down there?" He joked. I could hear Alya and Chloe joking downstairs. Our year of fighting together has brought the five of us closer as a group.

"Uh... I had a nervous ramble and knowing Chloe she won't let me forget it," I murmured. I could feel Adrien chuckle beside me.

"You mean your ramble on why you won't tell me you like me? Nino was on speaker phone, we were walking, it was easier," he paused.

"I swear I didn't mean to hurt you. Chloe brought it up, I-"

"-Why didn't you tell me you liked me? You know about my feelings for Ladybug," I felt another shiver take through my body.

"I know that you're going through a lot, and I didn't know if you are ready for a relationship. I just didn't want to force anything you weren't ready for, so I decided that you would know when you're re-"

His arms wrapped around my form. I could feel the heat radiating off of his arms and warming me up. My face grew warm at our sudden contact.

"I love you, and always will M'lady," he murmured into my hair. I felt my face grow warm as I hug him back.

"I love you too Adrien,"

After years of peace has filled Paris, the grand fight that resulted in the fall of Hawkmoth, now a page in the books of history. Paris's grand hero's were rewarded and soon forgotten as they faded and let the police continue to help the public. Marinette the new guardian of the miraculous kept them hidden from sight and safe.  A soft knock sounded at the door Sabine stood and opened the door to her living room. Adrien smiles back at her as she lets him inside the house. Marinette and Sabine quickly head the the Kitchen chatting about days of old.

"Adrien! Welcome, how are you?" Tom beamed as he rounded the corner to hug him. He smiled accepting the hug.

"I am great, how are you Tom?" The idle conversation continued as Marinette and Sabine prepared the table for the meal. Marinette smiled towards Adrien as she placed the turkey on the table.

"Hey, dinner is ready," Marinette smiled as she leaned against the wall looking at her dad and her husband. The pair smiled following her to the table. Conversation lit up of the joys of life.

"So, you two drove across town just to catch up even though holiday season is just around the bend?" Sabine inquired. Adrien smiles wider.

"Can't we say hi?" Adrien jokes.

"I mean you can just come over to say hi," Tom smiled. Adrien and Tom fell into a discussion about work.

"So Marinette why are you two really here?" Sabine inquired.

"Oh Adrien is so excited he wants to tell you two," Marinette smiled. Sabine nodded at Marinette's words.

"Tom was like that,"

"Nothing out of the ordinary at the bakery, well that's good,"

"Well it's thanks to you retired heros," Tom smiles.

"Oh Tom! I have a surprise!" Adrien beamed. "Marinette and I are pregnant," Adrien smiles bouncing in his chair. Tom laughed as he rushed to hug Marinette.

"Oh, I am so happy," Tom beamed.

"Thanks dad," Marinette mumbled back.

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