the love that wast supose to happen ch4

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Ring.Ring.Ring the bell rang I put back my things in my bad and went to my locker to get my things for next class. I picked up my money for lunch 25$ out of my money pot. Yes I had a money pot in my locker so what im special your not ha-ha. I put the money in my pocket. I checked when class I have next and it was chemistry. Ya I love chemistry because we are playing with chemicals, and this week we are doing a project so we need to pick partners. I want a good partner this time. Last time I was stuck with Thumbelina she hates chemistry and she made a mess at me house last time. I hade my dad make me a science lab and photography lab. I told her to go get to specific chemicals and poor then in the pot my the sick. And she gets the that looks pretty instead. She didn’t even read what it said one the bottle. And she poor the pink one with the baby blue one so it would be a nice color, it made a big boom. It took us (my dad and I ) two weeks to repair all that. Never again will I pick her.

I as I got up to close my locker I saw someone standing beside me. I turned to see who it was and I jumped when I did. “God do you have to scare me like that?”

“Well ya, its kind of my thing. You know to scare people. Its my hobby”

  “Well go hobby somewhere else. Please.”

“What’s wrong with you honey?”

“its my birthday today and no one wished me a happy birthday.”

“Oh I’m sorry honey I didn’t know it was your birthday today. I have and idea. Do you want to come with me and we’ll ditch school to go out for a treat?” I thought about it.

“Sure why not. But its not a date.”

“Okay what ever you say honey.”

“Stop call me that. And we are take my car.”  I said running out of the building and to my car.

He stopped and said, “So that was you coming out of this car this morning?”

“Who else can it be honey?”   I said laughing. Getting in. “Your driving? Or you just gonna stand there?”   I said putting on my sunglasses looking hot. He just stood there looking me up and down, then he got in. “You need to bring me back to get me car after Kay?”

“Sure no problem. Now drive monkey drive.”

“I’m not your monkey I’m your honey, honey”  He told me laughing and then I started to laugh. We drove around for the next hour and a half looking for somewhere to eat. I spotted a place where its cheap and has good food.

“Oh there! Right there! I love me my subways.”  Oh boy mama taught me well I mentally laughed.

“There?”   he said looking unconvinced. “ya sure you wanna eat there?”


“you sure you don’t wanna eat something fancier like the red lobster or Barbie’s?”

“nope im happy with the choice of food, well unless it makes you sick then we can go for humbuggers?” I laughed at him.

“Not funny honey.”

“I though it was very funny”

“and not it doesn’t make me sick I just thought  you would like something else to eat, like something fancy”

“ Okay. Wait I no why you want something fancy so it looks like we are on a date? Right? I knew it!”

“sorry honey I don’t know what your talking about. Come on lets go in.”

    We parked in from of subways and got out of the  car. Yum I just noticed that I really am hungry. I looked at my watch and it said 12:30pm. Lunch time.

 Camii: where are you?

Me: I ditched with Alex I’ll tell you later bye!

Camii:  okay?

“Everything okay?”  he ask taking my hand in his.

“Yup! Perfect!”  he smile, he was leaning in. I thought he was gonna kiss me but instead says, “you have a burger coming out of you nose.” 

“WHAT!!”  I yelled and ran to the car to check in the review mirror. But there was nothing, I turned around to see him bursting out of laughter. “Not funny” I yelled.

“I thought it was very funny now come on before I eat you.” he said in a British voice.  “you should have seen your face it was all like what!” he put his arm around me and then I hit him hard in the stomach. 

    He walked in after me. “why did you hit me?”

“because your mean”

“okay sure if you say so. Do you know what you want to wat?”

“yup! I do and im hungry.”

“so do you want a 12in then?”

“no not that hungry. You gonna eat that though.”

“Ya that’s what I take all the time”

“hmm…you must be a hungry boy huh”

“ya I am.” we laughed.

“ I bonjour, how may I help you?”  the girl at the counter asked.

“Oui bonjour je voudrais un pain avoine et meil s.v.p toster avec formage swiss”

“Et toi meusieu?”

“meme chose mes avec the viende buff et bacon.”



“I didn’t know you  you speak French and your good too.” he said.

“Thanks I  practice a lot” we got our food out it on one of the tables. I took my cup and went to fill it up. Alex cam as well. “Pepsi nice choice of beverage.”  he smiled at me. I put my cup with ice first then I put Ice Tea and Fruitopia. Oh my god its heaven. Put more ice tea though. He looked at me, “ does that even taste good?”

“Ya it does” I said taking a long sip. We sat at the table and bang to eat.

“Yum” I said licking my lips after I took a bit out of my sandwich.

    I took a sip of juice. Then he took my juice out of my hands and took a sip. “Hey that’s mine”

“sorry I just wanted to try it”

“Whatever now I get I bite out of your sandwich” I smiled at him. 

“I know I do”  he laughed and I took a big bite of his sandwich.

After we ate I drove him back to school so he can get his car. I told him he can come over to hang out a little longer. And he said yes.

    I parked my car in the drive way wan waited for him to get out of his car. He came up to me and took my hand again. I opened the door I yelled, “Hey mom I’m home!” I closed the door.

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