Chapter III: Granted Encounters

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Hey there again! I have returned with chapter three of The Danger Game! Remember, I'm looking for ideas if you have any! Just PM them to me, or email them to me at!


The Danger Game

Chapter III:

So, in one swift motion, I turned frantically around, pepper spray equipped in hand.


'But I swore...'

A figure approached in the distance, but as soon as it hit the light, I exhaled in relief. Just a homeless person.

"God I've got to stop freaking out like that..."

Shaking my head, I let down my stable guard, and exhaled deeply. Apparently, I was so freaked out, I forgot to breathe. Typical. 'Note to self: you should start taking up more proactive and simple yoga or Pilates or something...apparently all that Halo is going to your head.'

I nodded. To some extent, I agreed with myself. But it just didn't realize how much Halo contributed to relieving my stress. Which, if you would know, is constantly at a high level.

If you hadn't figured it out already.

Shaking my head, I cocked my hip to the side, shifting my weight to my left leg. Maybe they prescribed pills for this kind of constant paranoia? I didn't know, but I immediately thought against it. The last thing I needed was to get drowsy off my ass for a couple of hours to stop the constant worrying. I sighed once more, putting my hand to my forehead and dragging it down my face.

But suddenly, the noise occurred again.

From behind me this time.

I spun around so fast that I knocked down the coffee mug I had absentmindedly set on my car. My finger pressed down so hard on the pepper spray button faster than you could say-


I immediately dropped the pepper spray, confused. Cocking my head to the side, I evaluated the man in front of me. All I could see was this guy keeled over and on his knees, his bed-head black hair tousled by the wind. He had on a worn leather duster, and-

Wait. Leather duster?


"OHMIGOD VINCE!!!! Are you alright?!" I screamed at him. God, I got all paranoid, and I just pepper-sprayed he guy. And right before school starts. Great.

"Shit, you got me good," he replied while he tried to rise from the ground. I immediately ran to his side, helping him stand. When he was firmly planted on his feet, I let him go, the strong aroma of aftershave lingering in the air. He sauntered over to the side-view mirror on my car, and examined the damage. "Hmph. Doesn't look too bad..."

"God Vince, I'm so-"

He cut me off with his hand, then raised to his full height, smirking. God I hated when he did this. He always went all macho-man whenever he regained his composed state, and practically wooed every girl in sight. Sadly, I was one of them. But I couldn't help myself! The guy was gorgeous!

On another note, it didn't help that he was a gigantic six feet tall, and I lingered at five-four. Jerk. Pompous, hubris-induced, macho-

"Well at least you didn't use mace."

-strangely attractive Greek god.

'Damn you, Vince Oakwood.'

A strange smirk rose on my face. It was like some weird trigger played 'O holy night' in my head every time he spoke. I put my head in my hand again, this time starting to laugh. God I was such a freaking idiot when it came to him. I've known him since we were kids, and yet he does this to me. I'm in deep.

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