Chapter Twenty: Door 4

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Simon's POV

We were inside the house again. The house was far from the word 'suspicious', nothing to be suspected but just many men in black. I hiss at the cotton that was wet with alcohol making contact with my skin that was swiftly cut by Leo's blade. "Hold still, sir." said a gentle voice. It was a kind nurse that goes by the name of Sarah. I gave her a smile, "This is nothing." I chuckle, giving her reassurance. I've been in much worse situation than this.

We heard a knock on the door making my eyes glimmer with hope. Am I finally going to see her again? maybe. "Come in." I raised my voice just enough to be heard from the other side of the door. Sebastian went inside and gave me a wave in greeting. I looked behind him in hopes to finally see her but there was no one. Sebastian crossed his arms and leaned on the wall beside the door. "I haven't got (y/n) to go with me, though I tried. But I have someone else which (y/n) cares for." Sebastian said.

I turned to him, narrowing my gaze. "What do you mean you tried, Sebastian?" I asked making him shrug his shoulders. "She did not want to be saved. She wanted me to get the other guy to be saved instead. He's still unconscious, if you'd like to meet him then go to room 4." Sebastian yawned as if none of this was a big deal.

I held Sarah's wrist, making her look at me as I gave her a smile. "I think I'm quite fixed now. Thank you, Sarah. You may leave." I said politely as I let go of her wrist. I stood up, my back aching in pain. I growled and stretched my back. Sebastian chuckle at the sight of me, "Come on, old man," he teased. I glared at him as Sarah stood up and left the room, Sebastian's eyes follow her until she closed the door shut.

Sebastian smirked at me, "I see you got a little crush on her." he laughs. I know it was an intended little joke just to brighten up this little room but it did not made me laugh. I went to the mirror and adjust my sleeves and comb my hand through my hair as I looked at Sebastian at the corner of my eye, "I have went to all this trouble, to being dragged half-alive and to being tortured just for (y/n). Now what makes you think that?" I asked and he only stare. For a moment, I thought he was not going to say anything.

"You love her, right? My sister?" Sebastian asked, coming closer to me. "If she was my enemy in a story and I had to make a decision of choosing a throne over her, I would choose the throne." I replied, smirking. Sebastian raised a brow and crossed both of his hands, "That answer's my question then." he scoff. I chuckle out of nowhere "And she would be my queen." I replied softly.

Both of us walk through the hall. This house was not as it seem to be. We stopped in front of a door that leads down the infirmary room where most of the troops are being healed. They had their own little room, numbered on each door. I look at the corner of my eye and saw the camera's. They are watching, and I was not aware of that ever since I came to this place.

We walked down the little staircase and saw the nurses giving us a little nod every time they pass by us, giving us a little greeting. Most of the people are badly injured, making me cringe. Whoever or whatever had done this had did it with excellence. I'm referring to one person for most of the people had reported of the same person attacking them with the same weapon. And seeing their injuries, I highly doubt its one of the men that I had fought with.

Their injuries were perfectly cut with some type of blade, only a professional could handle such weapon with a clean cut like that for most of the people I fought handled a gun. Whoever this person is would be a big obstacle, a danger. Leo's army is growing more and more dangerous, he has more connections than I thought of.

We stood in front of door 4. Sebastian respectfully gave me a second to adjust myself, after clearing my throat I gave him a nod. Sebastian swung the door open of door number 4 as we saw a man staring back right at us.

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