Chapter Nineteen: Silent

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I looked at Vien like she was some kind of art in a art gallery. She didn't seem to mind that I was staring at her, she had her eyes looking at the front with her chin up. She placed me down on the bed, careful to put me down as if I was a fragile thing to be carried and laid carefully. She did not look at me, not even for once. Though, she has no reasons to stare. How does she keeps her eyes still? I do not know.

She went inside the bathroom, leaving me alone in my room as I sat still. I let out the breath that I did not notice I was holding in and began to look around my room. My head was no longer pounding, though it still hurts. But it does not bother me that much to the point I want to cry from the unbearable pain, it was manageable now. I was cut off pondering from Vien's footsteps coming back out of the bathroom.

She had a steel bowl in hand that I suspect was warm water and a piece of cloth that was already damped with warm water. She knelt down and touched my feet, making me flinch a little from how cold her arms were. The wet cloth made contact with my skin that was covered with bruises that I didn't notice. I stare as she keeps her eyes distant from mine, the silence in the room making me insane. I should feel peaceful, but this silence makes me tense.

I let out a sigh and looked away from her face and noticed her arm. There was a big bruise on her wrist when the red sleeve of her kimono move when she damped the cloth on my bruised leg, making the bruise visible to my eyes. She made eye contact with me all of a sudden and pulled her red sleeve up once again. "What happened?" I asked with full concern that is distinguishable on my eyes.

She did not answer. I felt like I was talking to air, and she acts like she cannot see me. She ignored my question, making me feel a slight annoyed. I took a deep breath and asked again but still, no answer. This time, she moved to my arm, a tiny bruise that I never saw either. I felt a wave of guilt through me.

I'm being treated as a princess and letting her heal my tiny bruises while she can't even do it for herself. Questions began to rise up but most particularly, is she being abused like me? I do not know the answer. But all I know is that I want to help her.

And just before she could damp the wet cloth on my bruised arm, I caught her wrist. She looked up at me and I expected for her to react, or even flinch away. But she did nothing but only stare at me. I took the cloth and gave her a small smile, "Please, let me treat you." I ask. There was no response. I grabbed her bruised arm and was about to move her sleeve when she flinched away, almost smacking me.

"My lady, please give me back the cloth." she asked with no hint of politeness nor emotions. "No, I insist. I am truly guilty to be treated this way, to make you treat me like some type of princess. I appreciate your help but I do not want to get spoiled like this." a frown formed at my face. Her eyes were a bit open and she opened her mouth to speak but nothing came out.

She got up and snatched the cloth from me by force and threw it back at the steel bowl of once warm water and held it with her hands. "I was never invented to help a foolish weakling like you, girl," she glared at me and turned towards the door.

She put her hand around the door handle and before twisting it open, she turned her head and looked at me at the corner of her eye. "And yet, I did." she completed her sentence and left my room. The words sting my heart, it made my frown disappear and my guilt go. But another part of me believes her words.

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