HP Printer Error Code 0x83c0000a

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HP printers are the most renowned and top-sold printers in the global market. Printers usually face some common issues time to time, which follow standard troubleshooting methods for resolutions. Moreover, HP technical support help its users to resolve most issues in printer and computers over the phone along with remote support services.

The following indicates a type of printer malfunction, wherein the printer's power button light will constantly keep flashing. During the error message on your printer, users cannot operate the device for any purpose, therefore resolving this error will only be the solution.

12 steps to resolve this error: Turn the printer 

Turn the printer ONNow wait until HP printer get fully ready and turn silentDisconnect the USB wire from both ends if connected anyRemove the ink-cartridges while the printer is ONNow close the printer door and remove power cord from the rear, also remove it from power supply source as recommended by HP officialsWait for couple of minutes before reconnecting it to powerReconnect HP printer to power outlet and manually reboot it if does not come ON its ownNow wait until your printer completes its normal process of warm-up and open the main door to reinstall ink-cartridgesAfter completing the reinstallation of ink-cartridges, your printer may prompt to align or calibrate the ink system, if yes, then proceed with itNow reconnect the USB wire if required, wireless printers will not require USB wireOpen HP printer application and try to print a test page

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