Alola Arguements!!

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this one is kinda an addon to the first i guess? idk sorry for writing an*st...... 🥺


"Yeah, today was really rough," Mallow huffed while taking a well deserved seat in an empty chair that had yet to be put up. It was closing time, and Lillie promised to come help her close down Aina's Kitchen earlier that day.

"I'm sorry," was all that Lillie could think of as she struggled to lift one of the bulky chairs to set upside-down on a table. Mallow apparently had been off her groove today, all with Ulu having to leave to go fetch some special ingredients. Lillie wasn't too sure what they were, since her mind had been foggy focusing on a certain someone. "He shouldn't be gone very long! Ulu's only going to Unova, right?"

"Kalos," Mallow corrected. "You're right, though. I don't know why I'm even complaining," She dismissed herself.

Lillie brushed off her dress, and placed her hands on her hips. "You really need to stop doing that!" She grumbled.

She was met with a face of confusion, and slight annoyance. "Doing what? I'm not doing anything!" Mallow spoke back with a hint of defensiveness.

"You never think about yourself!" Lillie shouted. She had seen this going on for as long as she could remember. Mallow always thought about other people way before she thought of herself.

"I'm just changing the topic because I'm sure it's annoying, Lillie.." She crossed her arms and leaned back in the creaky chair. Lillie furrowed her brows. "That's exactly it!" She wildly flailed her arms up. "You always think about what others want, and not yourself! Don't act like you never get upset, Mallow. I know Ulu leaving makes you anxious that he might not come back!" Lillie's whole attitude made a 180° turn. She knew of Mallow's separation anxiety way before she did, and she somehow still hasn't realized it. She didn't want to intervene like this, but at this point it was unbearable for Lillie to watch.

Mallow's position went from a lazy, aloof one, to one panicked and frozen. "I'm not anxious! Arceus, Lillie, you think you know everything! I thought it'd be fun to spend closing time with you, but you're just making my night worse." She growled back to Lillie, who was now clenching her fists. "If you're gonna get fussy, then just leave."

"You can't see what's right in front of you. I'm leaving; goodnight." Lillie replied in a stone-cold tone, highly contradicting her previous outburst. She left without making any more eye contact with Mallow, who was still hurt by Lillie's accusations.

She shook off the interaction, and continued cleaning up.

It was pretty late at night, 22:00 to be exact, and not many people were out and about at this time, so Lillie could freely talk to herself without getting eavesdropped by strangers.

"She's such a jerk. I DON'T know everything!" She began. "It's obvious that all the people who left her have ended up scarring her. I wasn't trying to rub it in; she just doesn't see it!" She held her arms and looked down to the passing flowerbeds. "Me probably being one of them.."

She had left to venture out with Magerna and her family to search for her lost father, and had only been back in Alola for a few weeks after being gone for a year. As much as Lillie wanted to stay in Alola, she desperately wanted to find her dad as well. She put her priorities first, and thought about what SHE wanted. Something Mallow was horrible at doing. This thought made Lillie scoff in the silent night.

With every step, her guilt grew more and more prominent. Could she have worded it differently? Maybe she could have tried to reason with Mallow, instead of stomping out the door.. She decided to go back and apologize to her.

Mallow was wiping down the stove pretty furiously. She was still hung up on the argument, and it would've been obvious to everyone in the room, if her dad wasn't in another room fast asleep from the hard day earlier.

Polite knocking was heard at the door, and Mallow angrily shouted, "we're closed!" Her tone didn't surprise her, not that anyone at the door would care about her being mad, anyway.

Lillie was at the entrance, and thought to try and turn the knob despite Aina's Kitchen being closed. She had assumed it would be locked, but shockingly it was open. Not very good at closing up shop, huh, Mallow?

She left that thought, and walked inside towards the kitchen. Mallow, without looking up from a stubborn stain, said in a quieter voice, "I said we're closed. Come back tomorrow,"

"I apologize...for what I said earlier." Lillie frowned and clasped her hands together, almost in forgiveness. "I shouldn't have been so stern."

Mallow, who had done some thinking of herself, replied. "No, you were absolutely right, Lillie." She let go of a worn towel, and walked closer to her. "I..guess I am kind of like that, huh?"

Lillie gave a tiny nod.

"I'm sorry, it's just," she nervously laughed. "I don't think it really matters, how I feel. You guys are more important to me." Mallow finished, and she was now glossy-eyed, with her arms crossed yet again.

"It does matter. Putting others before yourself all the time isn't good. I know you might not like saying it, but you do get sad, and I can tell." Mallow nodded her head with each of Lillie's pauses. "You're right about me not knowing everything, by the way. I just assumed that was what was wrong, with everyone leaving you.."

Mallow held her arms wide, and came in for a much needed hug from Lillie, to which she gladly reciprocated. "It was really hard." Murmured Mallow, who was deep in the crick of Lillie's neck.

"I know.." She replied as she softly patted her back.

"I don't like being like this, it's embarrassing.." Mallow admitted quietly. "But if you want me to, I will be more open about my feelings...and junk." She laughed at her last remark.

Mallow couldn't see it, but Lillie was getting teary as well. She had a wide smile on her face, and was quietly ecstatic that Mallow was beginning to open up more. "I don't think it's embarrassing.. I really appreciate you sharing your feelings..." Lillie whispered, and lightly gave Mallow's shoulder a kiss.

"Oh, Arceus, this is getting cheesy now," Mallow said, interrupting their warm moment. She wasn't one-hundred percent comfortable with this yet, but Lillie could tell she was extremely thankful that she had her to lean on. Mallow separated from Lillie, and thanked her only with her expression.

"It's pretty late, do you want to stay here tonight?" Mallow asked. "Naturally," Lillie replied after planting a quick kiss onto Mallow's lips.



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