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WARNING: not smut but mentions of sexual intercourse (i don't know if this had to be a warning, but whatever oh my)

(y/n pov)

Twenty-four. That's how many tests you'd bought. That's how many tests you'd taken in the past day. Twenty four. Twenty four positives. Forty-eight pink lines. 24 chances for it to have been negative. Now only if you were twenty-four too.

You clutched all 24 sticks in your palms and walked out of Ethan's bathroom. He was tapping away at his computer, trying to get a video edited. You didn't know what to do. Were you supposed to- cry? Were you sad?

"Ethan," You started, tests in your hands. Ethan nodded, eyes on his screen. "E," You tried again. He held a finger up.

"Hold on babe, I just have to do this one-"


He turned to you. You stuck out your arms, all 24 pregnancy tests in his view, He froze, staring at them. You dropped them into his palms and took a step back, now his hands shaking as he looked at them. "What-" But he stopped himself short as he looked at each test. Every one positive.

"I took them," You explained. Not that you needed to. Obviously they were yours. Ethan stared at them, still so confused. You couldn't be pregnant.

"Y/N," He said, looking up at you. You crossed your arms. You were just as stuck as him. You were 16. You just started eleventh grade. You could not be pregnant. "You're pranking me," He stated, looking around for cameras. You shook your head.

"I bought 12 packs, Ethan," You said, sitting back on his bed. He looked down at them, now in his lap, one in his hand, the two pink lines staring up at him. "I'm pregnant."

"You're not- you can't be," He said, looking up at you. You pointed at his lap. "Y/N."

"Ethan, there's proof right there, what the fuck do you want me to tell you?" You asked.

"That you're not fucking pregnant!" He screamed. You looked at him as his face softened. "Y/N, we can't have a baby, you can't be pregnant, we were safe, what the fuck?" He rambled, hand running through his hair.

"What am I gonna do Ethan?" You asked, voice falling. He looked up at you. Head in your hands, a sob left your mouth. And you didn't even hear all the tests hit the ground as he stood up to come wrap his arms around you.

"We'll figure this out baby, whatever you do, I'm here with you," He whispered, wrapping his arms around you as you sobbed into his chest.

You sat like that for a bit, his hands running up and down your back, your tears staining his t-shirt. You pulled eventually, only to see his eyes wet too. You sighed, a nervous laugh leaving you. "I'm pregnant," You said again. Ethan raised his eyebrows. "You put a baby in me," You said with a smile. Ethan looked at you confused.

"You want to have a baby now?" He asked. Your face fell.

"I don't know what I want, anymore," You said. Ethan squeezed your hand as you thought. "It's gotta have been at least a month," You whispered. E looked down at you.

"A month?" He asked, hand immediately going to your stomach. You smiled as he did so. "Holy fuck." He murmured as he pulled away, finally registering that there was a baby in your stomach. His baby.

You say in silence once again, and you were so glad that you didn't need to go home that night, You wouldn't be able to sleep alone. "I can't have a baby," You whispered. Ethan looked up from your shoulder, his video forgotten, editor still opened on his computer. "I- I can't be pregnant at 16."

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