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(This story is inspired by the comic above

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(This story is inspired by the comic above. Comic belongs to crystalwitches)

This was originally apart of my one-shots book but I liked writing this story so much that I've decided to make it into a separate book. This'll be a shorter story, no more than 15 chapters. Hope you like it!

    The gems all looked around in horror as all the control panels went off and the lights on the ship turned blood red warning them of their upcoming doom. They looked down through the ship window and all they could see was the ship getting closer and closer to the earth.

Garnet: The power's out! We're going to crash!

   Peridot glanced over at Steven. He looked so scared as he hugged onto Garnets leg tightly along with the other gems. Is this it? Are they all going to die? Peridot looked down at her hands as she remembered something. She has metal powers and this ship is made out of metal. She can stop the ship and save everyone. But the ship is so big and it's going so fast Peridot wasn't sure if she could do it. But she had to try.......for Steven. Peridot tightened her fists before she raised her hands in the air.

Peridot: No! We're not!

    Peridot took a deep breathe as she tried to ignore the intense heat and loud sounds and only focus on stopping the ship. Her fingers started to dig into her palms as she tried her hardest to focus. The gems looked around in amazement as they noticed the ship started to slow down until it came to a complete stop, just hovering above the earth. Steven looked over at Peridot in awe who was still focusing on the ship.

    Peridot brought her arms closer to her body and closed her eyes tightly. The harder part is over. She just has to land the ship and it will be over. But her body felt like it could collapse at any moment. Just stopping the ship had already made her so tired. But she couldn't stop now.

Peridot: Got it.....

Sweat dripped down her forehead as her entire body started to shake. She had never tried to move something so big before. She was still a beginner at this and to take something on like this so fast was just too much for her to handle. She raked her fingers through her hair as the ship started to descend towards the earth. The ship was only a few feet off the ground until all of sudden something snapped inside of Peridot. She couldn't hear, she couldn't see except for the bright white clouding all around her. She didn't understand. The ship had finally touched the ground and everything seemed to return to normal. The gems looked outside to see they were back at Beach city and they were safe.

Steven: We're alive!

Steven looked towards Peridot in awe who still didn't completely know what was happening. Her vision was all blurry and all she could hear was a loud ringing in her ears and the faint sounds of Stevens voice.

Steven: Peridot! You saved us all!

Amethyst: Yeah give it up for pilot Peri!

Peridot looked up at Steven. He was happy...and he was safe. That was all that mattered. She gave him a weak smile and a thumbs up. But heat started to rapidly take over her body as a horrible pain erupted in her head and her form glitched. Suddenly everything went black and her eyes rolled to the back of her head. She collapsed to the ground.

Steven: Peridot!

The gems all looked shocked as Steven ran over to Peridot. He fell to his knees and instantly gathered her in his arms.

Steven: Wh-What happened! Don't worry! I'll heal you!

Steven put some of his healing spit on her gem but nothing happened. He tried it again but still nothing. He groaned in frustration before he placed a kiss on her lips in a desperate attempt to heal her but still nothing happened. Amethyst put her head on Pearls shoulder as she realized what was happening. Garnet took off her shades and looked sadly at Peridot. They all knew what was happening.

Garnet: Steven........

Tears started to prick his eyes and he put a hand on Peridots cheek. His breathing was heavy as panic set in

Steven: It's not working!

Garnet: You have to get away from her.....

Steven looked up at Garnet, tears flowing down his cheeks. Peridot eyes started to turn into a dark black.

Steven: Please Garnet.......

Peridots eyes were now black as night. When you looked into them you didn't see the great and lovable Peridot everyone knew, all you saw was a black void, a shell of who she once was.

Steven: How do we help her?

Black oil started to pour out of her eyes and mouth but Steven didn't care. He didn't want to believe it. He just wanted to help her. Garnet sighed before she picked Steven up, dragging him away from Peridot.

Steven: No!!

Steven watched in horror as blue and dark green spots started to cover her body. Her body started to malform, claws erupting out from her hands, and fur sprouting out. She was turning into a viscous beast right in front of him and there was nothing he could do about it. More tears started to fall down his eyes as he heard her scream, like she was in pain.

Steven: Please put me down! I have to.....

Peridot didn't look like Peridot anymore. She wasn't the Peridot that he loved. She was in a completely different form. She was corrupted.

Garnet: I'm sorry Steven.

He watched as Amethyst and Pearl approached Peridot, their weapons drawn.

Garnet: We can't help her now.

Steven buried his face into Garnets shoulder. He couldn't stand to watch anymore. He cried helplessly as he listened to the struggled whines of the corrupted gem until a loud bang was heard followed by the sound of her gem falling against the floor. He glanced up and saw Amethyst pick her gem up looking down at it sadly. He pushed out of Garnets hold and ran over to Amethyst snatching the gem out of her hands.

Amethyst: Steven.

Steven stared down at her gem, blue spots covering it.

Pearl: Steven...I'm so sorry.

He wanted to be the one to bubble her, so he did, the other gems crowding around him.

Garnet: Come on, let's go home.

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