Don Juan Forever -- Canto The First

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Of Juan, man of the Old World, not the New, 

Yet drawn in by the New World's lustrous glaze. 

Along his path, will he adapt or rue 

The -- but I'll tell you later; let us wait. 

We have a poem whole to learn his fate.

Now, Juan yearned for the thrills of youth's blessed age, 

Some new adventures perilous at core. 

The infinite he wanted to engage, 

Vault over it, and see yet even more. 

Such journeys he was well prepared to stage, 

Since full of gold he had a hidden drawer, 

That worthless metal made not so by dearth 

Of understanding of intrinsic worth.

You may inquire with importunity 

Exactly how much gold sustained Juan's schemes. 

Enough. Enough for Opportunity 

To offer him choice of prodigious dreams. 

Enough to live with an immunity 

To worries of securing income streams. 

Enough for life. Enough for an encore. 

Yet nowhere near enough to not want more.

The infinite he dreamed about, it lay 

Downstream the flowing river, gently poured, 

Into great Panthalassa stored away, 

That endless plain through which sprang up and soared 

Earth's continents for Juan's eyes to survey. 

Some hidden secrets and more treasure hoard, 

For him to come upon and to possess 

Made up the world -- at least that was his guess.

A flight would have provided transportation 

To tropics sooner than his thoughts were through. 

Instead, Juan opted for anticipation, 

A cruise ship, vessel with a dazzling view 

Of dolphins, whales, and everything cetacean, 

The ocean waves, and the eternal blue. 

A flight could not provide such a reward. 

A few weeks passed and then he was aboard.

For many days on end, the landscape seen 

Was the horizon's line, which severed skies 

From the eternal waters, stretched between 

Two planes, cerulean their seeming dyes, 

Or, on some days, a light aquamarine. 

Against this backdrop, Juan did socialize 

With fellow passengers, most well beyond 

His years, thus of his youthful vigor fond.

At last, the cruise ship, having near traversed 

The ocean, it docked in a sunny port 

Of beauty such that it promptly coerced 

Juan to remain in this island resort. 

It was Bermuda, where the sea dispersed 

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