Gwilym Lee #1

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Requested - I LOVE the cast of Bohemian Raphsody!!! can I please ask for a Gwilym Lee imagine where yn is also on the movie, but she and Allen are Friends since they worked together on downton abbey and Gwil and Lucy are huge fans and the boys love to tease his crush-that-turned-into-girlfriend😍❤

This is gonna be a 2 parter (or maybe more idk lol) anyway lol hope you enjoy part 1



“I’m literally 5 minutes away chill” Y/N giggled into the phone driving through the streets of London at this time in the morning was something she hated but would have to get used to over the next few months. “Alrighty see you soon” she ended the call before returning to having a mini concert in her car. Pulling up to the large white building Y/N breathed deeply, even after years of meeting new cast mates she still got nervous but lucky she had Allen to help her. Grabbing her now lukewarm at best coffee she began to make her way inside. “Finally. I thought you were never going to show up.” Allen laughed from his position against the wall his famous Irish accent making its appearance. “You know I don’t do well with early mornings.” the welsh girl simply stated palming off her half drunk cup to the blonde man to tie her y/h/c out of her face. 

Taking a sip of the drink Allen pulled a face even after working together for a while on Downton Abbey he still hadn’t gotten used to how strong she liked her coffee in the morning, the pair had often joked it was what she needed to be able to act. Nugging her shoulder lightly Allen guided the female into the office space they were using for the read through for the next couple of days. There weren’t a lot of people in the room as most had gone next door to help themselves to some of the food on offer.

The pair walked over to the collecting group of cast members eager to break the ice and start to get to know each other. “Ah hello Husband” Y/N said cheekily to a tall gentleman she recognized. Startled the brunet man jumped a little when he saw her “What?” he asked confused “Your Gwilym Lee right?” Y/N questioned gently. “Huh oh yeah!” Gwilym stuttered out face flushed red in the process “I.. I just didn’t know you knew who I was…” he trailed off softly hoping he hadn’t already messed up. “It’s just you’re you! Um you’re Y/N L/N” giggling the y/h/c girl nodded “Well I was last time I checked yeah.” Gwilym was still slightly red in the cheeks and was now just wishing the ground would swallow him whole. “I just really like your work. You’re amazing!” he let out the compliment quickly. Grabbing his large hand in hers Y/N smiled delicately “Just breath.” it was really sweet that he was so starstruck but at the same time it was a little strange I mean he’s Gwilym Lee. After calming the man Y/N smiled again but this time took her turn in complimenting him “You know I’m a fan of yours as well. You were so cute in the Tourist and Jeez I love an episode of Midsomer Murders who doesn’t.” Chuckling lightly Gwilym shook his head at the fact his celebrity crush had seen some of his work.

Suddenly a bubbly voice interrupted the pair “OMG your Y/N L/N I loved Lady Constance.” the blonde haired female practically screamed as she launched herself into a hug. The y/h girl managed to catch the person before they both almost went tumbling to the floor. “I’m so sorry.” the blonde whispered energetically helping the y/h/c girl off the floor. Grinning the blonde introduced herself “I’m Lucy. Lucy Boynton. I’m so excited to work with you.” greeting Lucy back just as energetically Y/N cheerfully chatted away to the girl.

With the read through over for the day Y/N packed up her stuff slowly mulling over the day and what the shoot had in store. So far the cast seemed absolutely lovely, having worked with Allen and prefally Ben before it was great to work with some other actors. “Hey Gwilym do you want to hang out sometime?” Y/N questioned quietly smiling up at the taller man “It would be nice to get to know you better I mean we are going to be playing Husband and Wife for a while.” Shrugging on his coat Gwilym’s heart skipped a beat was this real life. “I have a bottle of red and an episode of Y Gwyll waiting. Maybe we could order some pizza or something.” Y/N suggested. Nodding quickly Gwilym agreed.

Lazily curling up on her sofa Y/N leaned forward to grab a slice of the deliciously cheesy pizza the pair had ordered “So tell me about your childhood? I want to know everything.” she stated her y/e/c eyes sparkled in delight. “Well there’s not much to say” Gwilym trailed off trying to think of what to say. “Well where are you from? Any Siblings?” the girl started listing of things he could tell her. “Well I was born in Bristol, and I’m the youngest of 4. There’s Geraint, Owen, Rhiannon and me.” Y/N giggled slightly still listening intently “What?” the man questioned pulling a comedic face at the girl. “Nothing but you’re the most Welsh Englishman I've ever met.” she looked at him and for a minute it felt natural, painfully natural. For a second they weren’t actors or celebrities they were just two ordinary people having a laugh. “OK well what about you?” Gwilym quizzed. “Okay be prepared to have your mind blown.” Y/N cleared her throat jokingly “I’m from Abergavenny, I have no siblings it’s just little old me and my parent’s own a farm..” Y/N continued. The two of them went well into the night telling each other stories of their childhood.

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