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Subject: December 1st Mixr Night - Manhattan!

Hey Mixr Member!

According to our records, you were one of the lucky members to have attended the recent Manhattan Mixr event on December 1st, and we'd love to hear how your night went! Whether you found a true connection or didn't mesh with the people you chatted with, we want your thoughts on the night as a whole so we can make these events even better in the future.

The link to short survey is here.

Also, don't forget to update your relationship status on your profile (if there's been a change), as we want to optimize our servers to only match those who are currently single.

All the best,

The Mixr Team


Hailey didn't find any harm in clicking on the survey link and sharing her thoughts on what had ended up being a weird night overall. The event itself hadn't been great—she'd been sure to suggest in the survey that they not match people up in the future, but have the night be an hour where guests were free to mingle with who they wished—but getting the email reminded her of Elliott.

More specifically, the fact she had yet to use the number he'd given her.

It was now Friday evening, and it finally felt she was getting time to breathe after a hellish week. Her and the rest of her team at the magazine she worked for were trying to wrap up conversations with advertising partners before everyone took time off, so Elliott had sort of slipped from her mind.

But not on purpose.

She'd been interested in seeing him again, and now having been reminded, she got up for a glass of wine and rummaged through her purse for the napkin she'd tucked away before cozying up with a blanket on her sofa.

Typing in his number, Hailey noodled on what to say before going with something simple.

Hey Elliott, it's Hailey. How was your week?

The reply wasn't instant, and she didn't expect it to be, but there was no denying that the more time Hailey spent trying to pay attention to the television and not her phone, the more she rethought her message.

That was, until a message came through around nine.

Hey! Week was good, but I can't deny it would've been better if you'd texted earlier.

Had an intense week at work or else I would've.

So I'm guessing that means you've decided to take a chance and go out with me?

Good guess. That is, if you haven't found another introverted extrovert over the last week.

Funnily enough, I haven't. I've been too busy waiting for a text from you to come in.

Sorry again! I'm usually a lot more on top of things.

It's okay, really. I can understand you were busy, but let's not waste any more time. Are you free tomorrow afternoon?

I am. What did you have in mind?

I have a bunch in mind, but it'll all be a surprise (if you're okay with that)!

As long as none of these things include going to Times Square, I'm on board.

Not a fan of the tourist trap?

LOL, not at all. I've braved it once since I moved to the city last year and once was enough.

I'll make note of it. How about we meet at the corner of Lexington and 89th? Say around 2pm?

I'll be there.

Looking forward to it.

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