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This book is the spin off of Fever Claim.

Liam Black holds a dark secret inside of him. This secret is cold, merciless, and as dark as the night. It flows through his veins and teases his skin, threatening to reveal itself every second he breathes.

It is taking everything for Liam to keep it inside; to keep this dark secret from killing everything he holds close to him but his fear of losing control is greater than his strength.

In attempt to keep everything he loves safe, he had decided to ran away without a trace.

Many years later, and he has returned. He notices right away that a lot of things have changed---including a little certain she pup who was no longer just a pup. Sage Collins has changed into a sexy temptress---tempting and claiming him in ways he could dream of.

Now, Liam's will power to hold back is being challenged. He doesn't know if he will be able to hold onto his dark secret any longer when all he wants to do is to claim what is rightfully his.

Author's Note:

A few things to remember:

Liam is Katya's brother. Katya is Hunter's mate.

Sage is Judah and Rose's daughter. 

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