Chapter 14 - The Bieber Flick

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Chapter 14

Lana's POV

The rest of the day passed slowly, with boring lessons, even more boring teachers, relentless mocking from Jenna and Leon getting angrier every time, no matter how many times I tried (and failed) to calm him down.

I knew he had been planning something since he found out that Jenna broke my ankle even more, so the angrier he gotr now, the more Jenna would suffer. Leon would never do something drastic like vandalise her house that would mean he could get expelled, but little things that would only get him a few detentions at the most.

As much as I wanted Jenna to suffer for everything she had done to me, I felt sorry for her because Leon's revenge plans only ever brought about one thing - public humiliation and for Jenna, that was not something to be desired.

I stared at the clock, willing the hands to move to point to 3 o'clock. There was only 5 minutes left anyway, but this lesson had gone on way too long for my liking.

Dragging my eyes away from the un-moving hands of the clock, I looked at Pete, who was sat next to me, who was staring at the board looking interested. If I wasn't close enough to see his glazed over eyes, I would've thought he was paying attention. Clever, I might have to learn that from him. My eyes drifted past Pete and to the opposite side of the room. Thankfully Leon was in this class, as it was maths and we were in sets, and Elliot had been in all of my classes anyway.

I had to put a hand over my mouth to stop me from laughing at the sight of them. Elliot was the furthest away from me, next to the wall, and was absent-mindedly chewing his pencil (VERY absent-mindedly actually, because instead of chewing the rubber end like most people would, he was chewing the lead end) and was randomly folding pieces of paper without looking at them. Next to him, closer to me, was Leon, and he was sat at his desk head on the table, cheek down, mouth slightly open. He was asleep, and he was one of those weird people who could sleep with his eyes open.

Shaking my head and turning back to whatever the teacher was droning on about, something to do with calculus - I wasn't sure. The saying 'saved by the bell' came into play, as the shrill sound rung, earning silent cheers from everybody. I hurried out of the classroom, following behind Elliot and Leon (who had woken up) and with Pete trailing behind me, and hopped down the corridors, avoiding people's feet to prevent being tripped up again.

I reached my locker safely, and took the books out of my bag that I didn't need, and took the books I did need out of my locker and swapped them over.

I had just finished packing my books away, when I felt a presence next to me and I turned, expecting to see Leon or Elliot, but I didn't.

"Hey Lana! Can I give you a ride home?" Pete asked enthusiastically, his hair flopping about, falling in front of his eyes, so he flicked it to the side, like boys did. I didn't see why they didn't just get a hair cut, as it annoyed the heck out of me. I think it mainly annoyed me because the devil himself aka Justin Bieber did it. I liked JB's music, but not him, he was just so... ARGH!

Since the hallways were still packed full of people, I smiled and nodded, glad for a lift home we it was a chilly day out, even though it was September and my leg was hurting me. I was so glad in fact that I forgot that I was meant to be walking home with Leon. My joyful smile turned into an apologetic one, and Pete caught onto it.

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