Chapter 100

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Today is the day of the kids' show, so I have a pretty busy day. We did a run through of the show and I know they'll be fine.

After I left the studio, I went to the tattoo shop and then after that, I went to Blake's house.


"I'm in the living room."

I went in the living room and sat on his lap so he could see the tattoo I got on the back of my neck. I got a yin yang symbol to represent the good & bad in my life.

"It looks good, babe," he said, kissing my cheek.

"Thank you." I slid off his lap and sat next to him.

"Are your parents already here?" I asked, putting my legs in his lap.

"Yeah. They're upstairs."

Blake's parents came all the way here just to see Kayla in her first dance performance. She doesn't know they're here, so it's a surprise for her.

"How's Kayla?" he asked, "is she nervous at all?"

"Hell yeah. She did perfectly fine during the run through though, so I think she'll be alright."


He leaned over and kissed me, then started kissing my neck, then to my shoulder and down my arm to my hand.

"Blake -"

He cut me off by shoving his tongue down my throat. He laid me on the couch without breaking away from the kiss.

"Babe, we gotta get ready," I said, "I have to get there early."

"I know." He kissed my cheek, then up to my ear, knowing how weak that makes me.

"W-what if your parents come down here?"

"Too late," I heard Gail say.

Blake sighed, then got off of me so I could get up.

"You two seem closer than ever," she said crossing her arms and smiling, "it's almost like nothing happened."

Blake & I looked at each other and smiled before he kissed my forehead. My phone started ringing, so I pulled it out of my pocket and saw that Taylor was calling.

me: what up?
tay: my child is freaking out and she needs to talk to you.
kay: hello?
me: what's wrong?
kay: I'm nervous, Auntie. what if I mess up?
me: you won't mess up. you're gonna be great.
kay: okay Auntie. Uncle Blake's coming, right?
me: yes, he is.
kay: okay.
me: now I want you to calm down and I'll see you in a little while, alright?
kay: alright. bye.
me: bye.

"Well, I'm gonna start getting ready because I have to be there early and Kayla's still nervous," I said, getting off the couch.

We all went upstairs and as soon as we got in Blake's room, he closed the door, pushed me on the bed and got on top of me.

"Finally," he said into my neck.

He took his shirt off, and mine, and kissed down my body.

"Blake, I gotta get dressed."

I managed to get him off of me and went in the bathroom, where I finished getting undressed. A minute later, Blake walked in completely naked and turned the shower on. Once the water got warm, he pulled me in the shower with him.

"Blake, what are you doing?"


He pushed me up against the wall and put his hand on my waist.

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