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I felt as if I blinked and I was back among the hustle and bustle of my chaotic kitchen-slash-work headquarters. Roman had set a cup of English Breakfast Tea in front of me and was now scanning a small stack of papers, looking over several laptops, and checking phones while he compiled all the information he was trying so desperately to gather in order to put a stop to our Facebook troll. I was surrounded by a reliable team who insisted on briefing us and yet I was having an out of body experience and remained content simply observing and listening, occasionally finding myself transfixed by the steam leaving my cup and curling through the air.

There was someone out there who wanted me dead; they voiced it publicly and described how exactly they'd execute their deed, and I wasn't scared. If anything, I found it absurd when we as a nation had so much at stake to get back on track after the past four years.

We had yet to identify the mystery cyber bully but the hatred they spewed so carelessly my way seemed to have come directly from the Grant Thomas archives of insults and propaganda. This person degraded me, and I had to assume they degraded most or all women, especially women in positions of power. They stated that my entanglement with Roman was an abomination that should be investigated by the House Ethics committee and reduced the tremendous feelings of our relationship to nothing more than tawdry sex. Apparently such a relationship would being shame and disgrace to such a sacred position as the presidency.

I would never impose on any personal belief system. I stuck strictly to the separation of church and state. At the end of the day, America was a free country and we all had the right to be as conservative or as liberal as we desired. I knew going into my campaign on day one that I would never win over staunch Grant supporters or a base of people who viewed the office of the presidency in a far more traditional light. In their eyes, I had everything stacked against me. I was single, I was female, and I didn't tote a Bible in my purse or praise any sort of Almighty when moving cross country for rallies and speeches. I stuck to policy and connecting with voters through the human experience. In private, I still had to wonder, in this day and age, how people still thought this way? How they wanted to keep women down or demean them and put them in a position behind or less equal to our male counterparts. It all felt like such an archaic approach to living.

This anonymous person then continued to describe how splendid it would be if something unfortunate and fatal were to happen to me and someone better had to step in and take over my role. To that I inwardly rolled my eyes at their lack of knowledge as to how the political system worked. If I were to be taken down, Oliver would be appointed as president, and he was one of the most key members of my team. If something were to happen to him, the Speaker of the House got the job, and they also fell on my side of the aisle since the House majority was not a party affiliate of Grant's or any of his supporters. Attempting to put an end to my life would not cause a deranged person to suddenly get their way when it came to policy or agenda. It may give them momentary satisfaction in seeing me shed blood, but as soon as news coverage of my services aired, they'd be kicking themselves all over again.

I knew in my gut that these vile emotions were beyond that of just policy or the fundamental rights of our government. This person had a severe dislike and hatred for me specifically that ran deeper than everyday politics.

Unfortunately, I was no stranger to threats. Living the majority of my adult life in various aspects of public service put a constant target on my back and had me in endless crosshairs. Of course, when I had time to dwell on it, the thoughts would both consume and utterly devastate me, but I had always tried to be as prepared as possible for any situation. I was diligent in my workout when my schedule would allow. I took self defense and I learned how to remain alert, always keeping eyes and ears open when out in public. I had to anticipate a multitude of crazy schemes or maneuvers because human beings were an impulsive and unpredictable species. Thankfully, in moving through the ranks of my political career, I gained access to excellent security and now as I was about to officially become the face of the nation, I could genuinely say that I was surrounded by wonderful, dedicated people who willing swore to defend me. This unknown factor was a disturbed individual who was insecure and offended by me and everything I was capable of being. They wanted me gone and I refused to back down. Unfortunately for them, I had spent my entire life working twice as hard as most of my male counterparts to get half as far. I had finally defeated every single one of them for the good of the people. It was my turn. I was going to run this country, I had given my heart and soul to help the people of this country, and I refused to let an angry stranger dictate how I would encourage our country to move forward by inciting fear.

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