chapter 3

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No one's pov.

It has been 2 days since (y/n) and Choco had started helping their mother at her real job.

As they woke up Saturday morning. They ate some eggs, bacon and some toast for breakfast.

Choco and (y/n) always go to the book store on Saturdays to see if they got any new books in stock.

Unfortunately they didn't have anything new so (y/n) and choco went to a small Restaurant.

They went in and only saw two people sitting at the counter.

A girl with a blue sweater with 2 purple stripes and a guy with white hair, blue jacket, pink slippers, and a never-ending smile.

You two sat down and as you did there was a dart noise. They both looked at the guy at the booth as he started saying that some weirdo was leaving Whoopie cushions all over the place.

You both immediately lost your appetite and went somewhere else.

You two looked around and saw that there was a carnival coming to town. You both wouldn't mind going if it were a little bit more quiet.

You two got home and saw a note on the coffee table.

It said.

"Went shopping to get things for dinner.

       Love Mom."

We went and sat on the couch to watch some TV. Nothing good was on so we decided to surprise mom by cleaning the house before Mom gets back.

30 minutes later

We turned the TV on when we were done. Nothing good was on it so we watched the news.

Nothing interesting just weather reports and some traffic. Mom came back and saw that the house was spotless.

She also said that she got something in the car in a carrier. I got it and opened it as a small kitten walked out.

Mom: I just got her from the shelter, but we still need to think of a name

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Mom: I just got her from the shelter, but we still need to think of a name.

(A/n): what should the newest member of the family be named?

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