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Erotica is a genre anyone can write, but not everyone can write well. You must have a story worth telling, with a certain head of steam that makes the reader believe your sexual point of view is engaging and fascinating. Erotic fiction can be based on your own fantasies, or not; your fantasies need only serve as a catalyst for your writing. For instance, if having multiple partners is one of your fantasies, but you have no experience, you don't have to get into specifics. It will, however, improve the story to convey in your writing WHY multiple partners a turn-on. Communicating a feeling of sexual excitement and tension is what erotica is about.

On the other hand, if you are interested in turning your specific sexual fantasies into fiction, you're likely on your way to producing something that others will enjoy as well. If it turns you on, chances are it will appeal to others as well. If you are not sure what your sexual fantasies might be, then think of writing erotica as a way of helping you discover the possibilities.

Erotica usually focuses on:

The thrill of sexual experiences

The dynamics of sexual relationships

The mechanics of sexual play

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Ideas are easy to come up with; writing is the tough part. If you have a plotline, it still isn't a complete story. Paying attention to the details and the intricacies of relationships makes fiction interesting and entertaining. So, make sure when you do start to write, that you've taken the time to create not just the steamy scenes, but characters with depth, and full story development. After all, "Wattpad considers content to be pornographic when it exists solely for the purpose of sexual stimulation." If you want to be in compliance with Wattpad Content Guidelines, there has to be a complete story, even if it is only a single chapter.

Erotic stories differ from others in one crucial way; they almost always climax with, well, a climax. Everything that comes before the sex in the story is there to guide the characters toward the successful completion of the sex act. Knowing this makes writing erotic stories a bit more straightforward. We know the goal and that's what we build around.

In terms of erotica, writing what you know takes on a whole new meaning. Personal experience is not the only way to gain knowledge. What you don't know... research. Let's be clear though, this is an adult topic and per Wattpad Content Guidelines, "Mature stories are intended for an audience that is 17 and up." We hope people will stick to the same rule of thumb when it comes to research and writing adult content. If you're not at least 17, please, don't rush it.

Research by using:

Adult movies

Extensive reading

Experiences of someone you know

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One of the most essential things to remember when writing erotica, is to use the right words. All words, whether you would use them in polite company or not, should be appropriate and in context.

They should be:

Appropriate for the character

Appropriate for the story

Appropriate for the author

Appropriate for the audience

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There are some former taboos that erotica readers and writers employ and have taken mainstream. In fact, people in general, have gone mainstream with a few of these past no-no's. Previously, they may have occurred in private, but no one was discussing multiple partners, polyamory, anal sex, BDSM, sex toys, LGBTQ sex relations, exhibitionism/voyeurism, birth control, or pornography. There remain, however, taboos that are overwhelmingly agreed upon and portrayals should be avoided in your erotica writing. Note that descriptions of these taboos are likely to be banned on Wattpad.

In genre erotica, avoid the following taboos:


Underage sex

Non-consensual sex



What are some things that you try to keep in mind when you're writing erotica?

What have you read in the erotica genre that makes the story fail?

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