Gay is Totally Okay

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Okay so I don't understand why people never understand this but, is there anything wrong with same-sex marriage? Like, does it hurt anyone in any way? I understand if it's part of what you believe but really, is there anything wrong? If so please tell me. Now to go in depth-
How I brought this up-
So in school, I'd written "Gay Is Okay!" on my wrist. People kept asking me in 7th period WHY I was on my wrist and WHY I supported it.
Okay I understand if you don't support it because what the bible says or whatever and (YES I BELIEVE IN GOD SO DON'T ASK) might I remind you, in the bible it has many verses against adultery, theft, lying, murder, incest, and pre-marriage sex; people still do this, people will ALWAYS lie and steal. So don't use the bible to say it isn't right, coz you lie all the time and I could easily slap you in the face with a bible and say "The bible says that's wrong so don't do that anymore."
What if-
Imagine this:
You're a straight male of female in world where the majority is LGBT. People make fun of straights, and you were just bullied. How do you think it would feel? How would YOU like to be called homophobe slurs? How would YOU like the pain? Most people would feel sad or angry or want to die. I want you to think REALLY deep now and think, do I want people to die, would I want to feel like this. If you said yes, you need Jesus, if you said no; that's good.
Harmful: is it really?-
Can you be harmed by two DIFFERENT people you DONT KNOW loving each other that are same sex? Like seriously, are you gonna be PHYSICALLY IN PAIN from a non-manifest-able feeling? NO. YOU ARE NOT GONNA BE PUNCHED IN THE FACE BY A SAME SEX MARRIAGE OR KISS OR HUG OR WHATEVER. SO SHUTUP.
Don't be a freaking hater. It doesn't matter if you're atheist, Muslim, Christian, Jewish, WHATEVER! I DONT CARE! If you don't support LGBT, okay. Just rethink your choices.

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