Pirate Prince (NSFW)

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Krysta looked over her contract again, letting out a sigh. "Now then... A tier four monster, is it. Vampire, working on the high seas, taking out small towns and villages. Nothing I can't handle." The paladin furrowed her brow, muttering to herself, "...I should take others, but we've been much too busy lately, I can take care of this issue efficiently on my own. No need wasting other resources."

She was a member of a monster hunting organization, split into various sections. As a member of the Bestial Sect, she had done extensive research on the nature of monsters that target other humanoids for food. She had the benefit of personally interviewing vampires on their urges. Granted, the vampires her organization worked with were not threats and could be considered allies. She didn't know the extent of the truly dangerous ones, but she did know the danger of something like an Apex. A Tier 1 monster... she didn't even want to begin to consider the issues that would arise should the organization need to deal with one of those. And the Keep itself had two within its walls. Incredible. She shuddered at the thought of either going rogue, but reminded herself that they were grounded and "perfectly sane". They were reasonable company, as a matter of fact, though she'd heard from a Knight within the Keep that one of them was rather...insane, to put it lightly. The Blood Commander however was reasonable, though egotistical. Which was just fine. This mission was most definitely not against an Apex.

Krysta wandered toward the shoreline, concentrating for a moment and opening up a communication orb. Being a paladin sorceress, she was attuned to magic, just a dab here and there of course. The orb formed a picture, finally showing Scampers, a little weasel staring at her. There was chittering on the other side before Krysta sighed. "....Listen, I don't know how long this will take. It could be an hour or a few. But I forgot to water the flowers, I need you to do that for me. Also, let Chitchat know that I need him to take the cookies out of the oven for me. I don't trust you to do it because you burned your paws last time, he is much better at it. Understand?" She paused, furrowing her brow and snapping, "Don't take that tone with me, just do what I told you. I need to get to work." Krysta had the ability to communicate with animals, and perhaps was a princess. Should she be so, of course, she had no idea.

She sighed and waved her hand, dismissing the orb. And that's when the uneasiness set in. She narrowed her eyes, feeling someone watching her. There was something... off, going on. She clenched her fist, reaching behind her carefully and drawing her sword. Backing up ever so slowly and turning her head, she couldn't find the source of the staring, and she wasn't about to call out and question it. That was when she felt her back hit...something. Or rather, someone. She had no time to react as an arm encircled her midsection, holding her in place with an iron grip and refusing to allow her to turn around. She knew instantly that the person holding her like this was her target, as the faint scent of blood hit her nose. She didn't allow time to chat, merely bunched up her muscles and began to attempt to break free, first trying to use her weight to drop to the ground... which didn't work... then allowing light to fill her and explode around her, which would hopefully damage her enemy. This didn't work either, and she proceeded to hear some tsking in her ear.

"D'awww... speaking with your pets before you inevitably fall to me, hm? You're adorable, and you smell so delicious..." came the voice of her target. She could feel his nose press gently against her hair as he took her scent in. "Floral scent, my, you have excellent hygiene. Very, very appreciated as a prey item. I can't be getting scurvy on the seas, can I? Hm... not that I am able to as a vampire, but alas, does not mean I can't give a little joke now and then about it." Krysta would feel herself being suddenly manhandled, shoved suddenly and then thrown against a tree. Without hesitation the vampire pirate would lunge and pin her there, dragging her up the trunk by the shoulders so that she was forced to stand. Krysta gulped and tried to struggle, but began to realize slowly that everything she did resulted in nothing. She stared the other elf in the eyes, his own glowing red reflecting right back at him. Realization dawned upon her.

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