What Is Critter People?

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Genre: Slice of Life, Fantasy, Speculative Fiction, Comedy

Style: Hand-drawn, 2D

Created by: Hailey Waguespack and Dustin Estrelles

Starring: Hailey Waguespack, Dustin Estrelles

Country of Origin: United States 🇺🇸, Philippines 🇵🇭

Languages: English 🇺🇸

Critter People is an in-the-works series created by Hailey Waguespack (@PepperRavenBat on Wattpad) in collaboration with her friend Dustin Estrelles (@-DUSTINMAO on Wattpad).

Overview: What if anthropomorphic animals lived with us humans, but they grew and changed the same way we did? What problems would they have had to face? How would this effect our society? These ideas are explored in an alternate version of our world through the perspective of Jezabel and Haneul, two young teens living in a small town in Southeastern Louisiana with interesting lives and big dreams. Together, they explore the world around them, where diversity is celebrated, discoveries are made and musical numbers are merely a part of one's imagination.

Cast: Hailey Waguespack as Jezabel Barnaba, Dustin Estrelles as Kim Haneul


- Critter People is one of few series in which characters represent real-life people.

- For example, Jez and Han represent Waguespack and Estrelles, respectively.

- Korean culture is strongly represented in Critter People, which is also a rare occurrence, though this one applies to Asian cultures portrayed in Western fiction.

- Critter People is confirmed to take place in 2019 and onwards.

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