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Okay, in this bonus chapter there are a few things going on that I'm very excited about! First, I am going to give you an Amanda's POV on what she's been dealing with. I am super happy about this actually. Then, I am going to give you all a sneak peek on the spin-off which will come out after this is finished. Anyway, please enjoy the bonus chapter and leave me comments! :D



July 28th: Waxing Gibbous 

    My heart raced as I paced around my makeshift bedroom, hoping that the vampire wouldn't hear in pounding so hard. I was about to attempt something so dangerous that it might just get myself officially killed. Seriously, I wasn't sure what I was thinking and it wasn't a big surprise that I hadn't been in the right state of mind lately. 

    A knock sounded at my door and I silently cursed, fluffing up my hair to make it look like I'd been sleeping. Oh yeah, because scary bird's nest hair really gave someone the 'oh look this person has been sleeping' feel. Well, I really had no better option. 

    Walking over to the door - with my moused up hair - I pulled the best brainwashed face I could muster. I wasn't sure whether I could actually pull it off or if I looked more like a cross between a zombie and crazy clown. Hopefully I could pull it off because I so wasn't looking for punishment. I'm not some creepy masochist...

    Thankfully the person at the door hadn't been the vampire at all but rather Dylan. He seemed completely drained of energy and I knew the feeling. Being taken away in the ways we were is harsh, especially when you know there isn't much we're able to do in our situation. Well...that's how it will be until after my plan. 

    "What's up Mister Grumpy Pants?"

    Dylan shot me an annoyed look before inviting himself into my room. Rolling my eyes I closed the door behind him and sprinted to the bed, flying through the air as I went to dive bomb it. Sometimes you just have to act like a little kid. 

    "Are you ever serious?" he asked, taking a seat next to me. 

    "I have a feeling that I'm going to get asked this a lot. Anyway, in answer to your question that would be a yes. I have to keep my cool around the people who'd originally thought I was dead. It has to be hard seeing me now all bright and shining as I am."

    Dylan sighed and rubbed a hand over his face as if he were stressed. "You do realize I was one of those people, right? By the way, have you ever realized that you can be very full of yourself?"

    "Confidence...I like to call it having confidence..."


    Silence soon followed, leaving the two of us to mull over our own thoughts. Sadly, I wasn't thinking of anything productive anymore. All I could focus on was the annoying piece of hair poking me in the eye. However, it just happened to be so small that I couldn't grab it with my hands. It also wasn't helping that I couldn't really see it either. 

    "So, what's this plan you've come up with?"

    Ah, so the real reason he'd ventured into my room wasn't because he wanted a pleasant chat with little old me. All he wanted was to know about the crazy plan I'd concocted. I'd already mentally prepared myself for the slaughter I would get from him after explaining. He was going to think I was insane and in all honesty, I think I might be a bit. I mean, for part of the day I'm totally evil without wanting to be so who can really blame me? The world is just out to get me I say. 

    "Well, we already know what the vampire wants to do and that's kill off all of our pack. I've come up with a way to get them out of Riverwood and somewhere safe."

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