Chapter 5- kyle impregnates me.

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Kyle was fucking me senseless. My boobs were bouncing like crazy. I couldn't hold it.
Kyle reared up and pushed himself deep inside me. I gasped as I felt him go deeper inside me.
Finally he came hard. My belly expanded. Kyle filled me with his sperm. I moaned as Kyle filled me.
Finally Kyle stopped. I gazed into his eyes one of his tentacle cocks hovered over my face. I gently stroked it. My heart was pounding. As Kyle squirmed inside my pussy.
Kyle presses his cock deeper and harder inside me. I knew he wanted to cum again.
"Kyle please cum again inside me baby!" I gasped. Squirming in his grasp.
"Yes my love." Kyle said.
Kyle rammed hard inside me. I felt him push me to my ultimate limit. I wanted it. This was the best Halloween ever. Fuck everyone at the party I was missing or had missed. This was better then any party.
"Kyle make me cum!" I yell out. I feel his cock sliding effortlessly inside me. I feel an ORGASAM building. My ORGASAM finally exploded and I came hard.
"Holy Fuck your amazing!" Kyle said as he squeezed me. We kissed passionately and he takes me to his room and lays me on his bed. We make love like a newly married couple on our honeymoon. Kyle is an expert and I'm amazed how much he is cumming. My belly keeps expanding.
"Shit Kyle hold on I didn't think i can take much more of your... MMMMMMPH!"
Kyle jams a sexy tentacle in my mouth and takes it deep into my mouth. I feel him cum in my mouth. I quickly swallow as much of his sperm as I can but my mouth overflows. I moan loudly as kyle forced me to drink his sperm. I wanted more. A lot more. Kyle's tentacles moved against my skin massaging me gently. "Shit Kyle your fantastic!" I say.
Kyle squirms hard inside me. I feel him fighting the urge to cum again.
Kyle finally can't hold back and cums hard again. I feel his sperm fill me up more. It starts coming out my pussy. I can't hold anymore and I push his load out. Kyle smiles.
"Can't hold my load baby?" He asks.
"Fuck Kyle I'm so full of your sperm. I think I'm gonna be pregnant." I respond.
"I hope so. You will make an excellent mother." Kyle says.
I kiss him deeply. His tentacles squirm and adjust themselves over my bulging belly.
"Hold me." I say fully spent and exhausted from lovemaking with Kyle.

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